Is “how much?” the right question to ask about exercise for pain?

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Exercise is known to be beneficial to health and is often recommended by doctors to treat various conditions. There are some side effects to consistent exercise including soreness or in some instances pain. In studies done there are so many variables to the way humans exercise and the conditions of their bodies that it is often difficult to ascertain any correlation between sustained pain from consistent exercising. There are split beliefs that the benefits of exercise in humans is determined by how much exercise, or as some believe it is how often that one exercises which can contribute to overall health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exercise is increasingly regarded as a legitimate treatment for many health conditions, including chronic pain.
  • Tests involving exercise to ameliorate pain, involving rodent subjects, seem to suggest uniformly excellent results for exercise.
  • The numerous variables in less controllable human populations, however, has made the results for human tests much harder to read.

"While forced exercise reduces heterogeneity by controlling all aspects of running behavior, voluntary wheel running increases heterogeneity by yielding control to the test subject."

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