Is a mobile phone damaging the back?

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It can be the little things that add up to back pain. Long periods of inactivity, such as when one sleeps, can cause the spine to settle. The discs can even bloat up some, so it’s critical to move with care when one first gets up. When sitting or driving, use proper posture to avoid straining muscles and joints. And when lifting heavy weights, don’t use the back to move the mass. And the newest problem; don’t scrunch the neck down while staring at a phone.

Key Takeaways:

  • When one sleeps, the spine settles and bloats a little; moving quickly after first getting up can cause injury.
  • Bad posture even while standing passively to do simple tasks can put stress on the back.
  • Sitting slumped in a chair or hunched behind the wheel of a car as a habit often leads to back problems.

“Bending one’s head over a tablet or phone strains the neck muscles,” says Sammy. Studies show that for every inch the head is angled forward, 4.5 kgs is added to its weight (and the average head weighs 5 kgs). So, if one bends the head three inches that puts about 19 kgs of load on the neck — increasing the risk of injury”

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