Introduction to the Inada Yume – Video & Transcripts

Transcript of Video Titled “Inada YuMe Massage Chair – Introduction”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and today we’re going to introduce you to the Inada YuMe massage chair. Now, the Inada YuMe came out about a year or so ago, and it was a brand-new offering from Inada. Inada, of course, is the maker of the famous Sogno Dreamwave chair. And the Inada YuMe came out and it offered – every time an Inada chair comes out, by the way, it will offer something innovative and something new. Well, sure enough, the YuMe – though it’s a smaller chair, you can see it next to the Inada Sogno, there’s quite a contrast in size – but what this chair has that makes it very unique is it includes rocking. It’s one of the only chairs and it was the first chair of this kind that actually rocked, so when you’re sitting in the chair, you can set the rocking, and it will rock you back and forth, just like on a rocking chair.

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Alan: The second thing this chair has that makes it very unique is it has Thera-Elliptical Kneading. So, you’ll notice that there’s no foot massage on this chair; it’s only calves, the reason being this middle component goes up and down like this and actually massages your calves not just with airbag compression but with kneading of the airbags up and down. It’s fantastic, it really works the calves, a wonderful feature.

Another thing about this is you have a very, very simple remote control. You can tell from the look of it that the simplicity is fantastic. You’ve got manual settings underneath the lid, but like most Inada chairs, very easy to use and very easy to function. And it has a little pocket in the side where you put it. This chair does not have a true zero gravity, by definition, but when the chair rocks back and forth, it rocks into a zero-gravity position. So it does have a form of zero gravity though it’s not a true zero gravity.

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Alan: It also has what they call a neck traction device. So what you’ve got here is airbags here and on either side, and when this is on, what will happen is that you will have airbags push down on your shoulder on this side and down on your shoulder on that side. So, what it does is it kind of mimics this. So you’ve got air bags that are lifting up on your skull and airbags that are pushing down on your shoulders, so it kind of creates this stretching from side to side. It’s a very nice feature, very subtle. You can also lift this up and over the back of the chair so you’ve got less material between your back and the rollers, thus creating a more intense massage. It does not have an intensity adjustment feature on the chair, but you can – using gravity, by reclining the chair, or by moving the pads – increase the intensity that way. The YuMe is a great chair, I really, really enjoy it. Oh, it also has airbags in the seat, which inflate one side to the other, so it induces that rocking motion of the pelvis, which is fantastic. There’s no arm massage on it, just a very nice, tight chair.

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Alan: Oh, one other thing that it innovated and now we see it on all the Chinese chairs – well, not all of them, but a lot of the Chinese chairs that are coming out now – is this LED lighting on the side of the ottoman. And some people have called it chromotherapy, but if you have it in a dark room and you turn the chair on, these will turn different colors and you’ll have that different color reflecting throughout your room. And it’s kind of soothing thing in a dark room to have different colors of lights: a little psychedelic, but very soothing. Well, Inada pioneered that as well, and now we see that on these other Chinese-manufactured chairs.

But that’s it for the Inada YuMe. We’ll go on to some more video describing the various functions in more details. If you have any more questions about this chair or any other chair, you can call me at 888-259-5380 and I’d be happy to chat with you, or visit our website. Also you can follow us on YouTube, and become a subscriber to our YouTube channel so you can get updates on new videos that we put out. And please, if you like what we share with you, please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and share us with your Facebook and Twitter following, and we would appreciate that very much. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ talking about the Inada YuMe. It was great to visit with you today, have a great day. We’ll see you, bye-bye.


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