Introduction to the HT-7450 – Video & Transcripts

Transcript of Video Titled “Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair – Introduction”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and today we’re going to introduce you to the Human Touch HT-7450 massage chair, which was really the pioneer of zero gravity in the massage chair industry. Now, as with all Human Touch chairs, you can see that this chair is a very aesthetically pleasing chair. Human Touch, which is an American company, has always been big on aesthetics, so all their chairs look like they could fit in any kind of decor, and the 7450 is no different. Now, it looks like more of an executive business chair, it has calf massage only, and you can adjust the width of the calf massage with the plus and minus signs on the airbags, but one thing that people hate about massage chairs is the foot and calf massager because it makes them stick out like a sore thumb in whatever room its in.

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Alan: Well, what you can do with the Human Touch chair, with the 7450 – and this also applies to the 7120 – you can lift this latch and rotate the ottoman underneath, so now it looks like a regular ottoman. There’s no calf well and this thing can elevate when you use your massage chair with the calf well showing or not showing. And that’s kind of a nifty feature, again for aesthetics, to make it look good, but that’s about all we’re going to show you from that feature today.

Also, this chair – again, we’ve talked about the zero gravity, and as you’ll notice when the chair reclines – now this chair does not go into a full recline, it goes to a partial recline but the seat comes up at a thirty-degree angle, and this was really the first massage chair to incorporate zero gravity into a massage chair structure. Pretty awesome feature. The chair comes in this ‘Black’ color, it also comes in an ‘Espresso’ at the time of the recording of this video. There’s a little pocket on the side of the seat where you can put the remote, and I’ll put that in there in just a moment. You can put the remote right here in the side.

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Alan: It also has a pillow which is counter-weighted, with a little weight strip on the back of it, and you can leave that there or you can take it off altogether so you can get a full massage of your neck. If you’re reclined in the zero-gravity position and you want to be able to have your head propped up to watch television, this thing moves forward and you can move that headpiece forward and have your head rest up against that. The chair is made of bonded synthetic leather. There’s no arm massage; there is buttock massage, thigh and buttock, and it feels like – what there are are little air bags poke up from the seat into the thigh and buttock. It kind of feels like someone’s jamming thumbs up your thigh and buttock muscles on either side. And that’s kind of a nice feature as well.

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Alan: But that is the Human Touch 7450, really the pioneer in zero-gravity massage chairs. If you’d like to learn more about this chair or any of the other chairs through our YouTube channel, please subscribe to the channel, we’d appreciate that. If you like what we’ve taught you here today or in any of the other videos that we give you, please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and share us with your Twitter and Facebook following; we would appreciate that as well, too. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Feel free to call me any time at 888-259-5380, I’m always available. And we look forward to seeing you in our next video. Have a great day, bye-bye.

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