Introduction – Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair (Video)

Titan Jupiter XL

Transcript of Video Titled “Introduction – Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair”

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Titan Jupiter XLAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the Titan Jupiter XL massage chair.

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Alan: This has become a fairly popular chair because it’s a 3D L-track, and the L-track, as you know, is a chair that has – you could call it an SL-track as well because all the L-tracks have an S-portion of it, where the rollers follow the S-shape of the spine, and then it comes down under the seat, and massages the glutes and the piriformis muscles – so this is an L-track. It’s a 3D L-track, which means that the depth of the rollers can be adjusted, but it is not something that can be adjusted by the user, it’s something that’s built in to each program, and that’s how that works. Now, you’ll notice up here also there’s a headpiece, there’s a Velcro pad here, so you can just use a thin pad if it’s too intense for your neck.

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Alan: Then, here, it has a second neck pad, but it also has this little contraption, which is an airbag for the sides of the head. So, when you turn on the chair, and you want to use airbags for the head, this is one of the only chairs that actually has a feature like this, and there’s little tiny airbags on either side. The airbags will inflate and compress against the side of your temples, and that can create a nice, relaxing massage, especially if you’ve got headaches there, or tension, but anyway, it’s an interesting novelty of a feature. You may not use it a lot, but it’s kind of neat to know that this chair has it. You’ll also notice that there’s speakers on both sides of the chair, and so which means there’s, typically, we have speakers in a chair, and nowadays it means that there’s a Bluetooth technology, where you can pair your phone, or your device, or whatever, with the chair, and play your music list over the speakers, and that’s pretty cool. You’ve also got shoulder airbags here that’ll help pin your shoulders back or hold you in place when the rollers go up and down. You’ve got arm airbags here, and you can see that there’s little knobules on the arm airbags, and that’ll kind of hold your arm in place. You might want to zoom in on those little knobules, and that’s on both sides of the arm. You’ll also see that you have hip airbags, a lot of L-track chairs have no airbags in the seat because the rollers do all the work. Well, they’ve added, they’ve thrown in a couple of hip airbags as well. You’ve got calf airbags, you’ve got foot airbags, and there’s foot rollers on both sides of the ottoman. Now, the pouch you’ll see here is on the side, on the inside of the right arm, a little tiny pouch, there’s also a pouch on this side, depending on what side you want to bring your remote on, you can slide the remote control in there.

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Alan: The remote control is a very easy-to-use remote control. This is a remote control we’ve seen on other chairs, like the Infinity Presidential, and the Infinity Genesis, and there’s a few other chairs that have a very similar remote controls to that. You can see that this one is a black material, I believe it also comes in a brown. The black, it’s kind of a, it’s like a kind of a shiny, slick material. It’s a little different than what you’re typically used to on the armrests, but the inside is a more traditional synthetic leather type of a material, with linen to separate the rollers from your back. And that is about it for the Infinity, or for the Titan Presidential, or sorry, I’m getting all mixed up now, the Titan Jupiter. It’s called an XL because it can cater to a taller body, it can cater for people up to 6′ 6″, and it’s tough to find chairs that will fit a taller body, but the Jupiter will fit a taller body, as well as a shorter body, but it has that capacity, that’s why it’s called an XL.

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Alan: You’ll also notice on the side here, you’ll see the nice gray, silver accent along the side of the chair. It is a space-saver chair, so you don’t, you can put it up close to the wall, maybe three, four, five inches away from the wall. It still leaves a pretty big footprint, as most chairs do nowadays, and it’ll come, delivered to you, in a couple of boxes, it’s not all assembled, you’ll have to put it together. The armrests certainly come in separate boxes so that you can get the chair body through the door of your room, or wherever it is in your house that you want it to go, and then you assemble the chair, and put the armrests on after that. Anyway, this is the Titan Jupiter XL.

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