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Positive Posture Brio

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Introduction - Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Video) - Positive Posture BrioAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to introduce you to the Positive Posture Brio massage chair. Now, Positive Posture is a brand of reclining zero-gravity chairs, not massage chairs originally, and it’s under the umbrella of the Furniture for Life company, which also is the umbrella company for Inada USA, Panasonic USA distribution, and another outfit called Varier, another brand called Varier, which is, I believe, some office chair furniture.

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Alan: Well, anyway, Positive Posture has now come out with a massage chair called the Brio, and it’s a Chinese-made chair. This is the Brio, it’s an L-track chair, and what kind of makes it unique is it’s a 3D L-track. So, you can adjust the intensity of the rollers, as well as other features like zero gravity. It has foot rollers, it has arm airbags, it has shoulder airbags, it has waist airbags, it’s a very nice chair. It’s priced at $4999, at the time of this recording. It comes in this ‘Brown’ color, it also comes in a ‘Black’ color, it also comes in a ‘Cream’ color.

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Alan: Now, here’s some kind of interesting features about it. Number one, you got airbags. If you notice here are the airbags. You’ve got airbags for the hands, and airbags for the forearms. You’ve also got hip airbags. The L-track – oh, by the way, this pillow, it comes with a neck pillow, which you can remove, as well as a back pillow, which you can remove, and I like to remove them, because this chair is – by definition, it’s a more mellow chair, a little bit more relaxed chair. It still can dig in deep because it’s got 3D rollers, but it’s not as vigorous as it might feel on some of the other Chinese-made chairs. Some have said that it kind of has a bit of a, almost a bit of a Japanese feel to it, even though it’s a Chinese-made chair, but with the influence of the people that also distribute Inada here in the US. So, it has an L-track that comes down the back and under the butt.

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Alan: You’ll notice here, of course, there’s calf airbags, and foot airbags, and foot rollers. We’ll have separate videos that discuss those features. But also, you’ll notice here, they have a little knobule, a little rubber thing, a rubber, a piece of rubber with these knobules sticking out of it, and they go in to the calf area, on both sides, and these knobules will dig in to the anterior tibialis muscle. So, it’ll actually work on the area where you typically would have shin splints. Maybe you can come around this side, and take a look at the side of the chair. It’s got a very basic design, nothing fancy about it, a little silver, chrome – or not chrome – but a little silver highlight. It has a very simple, a very simple remote control to use, and it has a very basic menu that’s easy to follow, and it has a little pouch on the side, where you can put the remote control.

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Alan: It’s a very nice chair, we really like it, because we don’t have a lot of 3D L-tracks, outside of the Novo XT, this is pretty much it right now, until we get some other models that’re coming in, like the Luraco Legend, and perhaps the Cozzia Qi SE, and chairs like that. But anyway, this is an introduction to the Positive Posture Brio 3D L-track massage chair, and I hope you found this video helpful.

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