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Pro EkonAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I want to introduce you to the new Osaki Ekon, which is spelled E-K-O-N.

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Alan: This is a new chair from Osaki. It’s built in a very reputable, well-known factory in China, arguably the best factory in China. And this chair, it has some similarities to the old Iyashi, from Infinity, which is a discontinued model, but you’ll notice it’s kind of got this high-gloss, Plexiglas or plastic side paneling. You can also see it on the ottoman, and you can see it on the shoulder airbag housing, and on the top of the chair as well. And this chair, on the inside, and on the armrest, and on the inside, has faux leather. So, it’s a very nice feature, a very nice-looking chair, more kind of modern, kind of a more sophisticated look, and it really is a nice feel as well. When you sit in the chair, it’s fantastic. It’s a 3D L-track, which means you’ve got an L-track, which means the rollers come down the back, and then fall underneath the seat, and massage the glutes and the piriformis muscles. And it’s a 3D L-track, which means you can adjust the depth of the rollers, to go more forward or back, to make it more or less intense, depending on how deep the rollers are digging in to your back, and so it’s a 3D L-track, what we consider a high-end 3D L-track.

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Alan: You’ll also notice it’s got calf airbags, foot airbags, and this chair also has foot rollers, mechanical foot rollers, and mechanical calf rollers, as well as having a very unique feature that we haven’t seen since the old Inada YuMe. It has airbags that inflate on the calves, and go up and down to knead the calves, while the rollers are also working on the back of the calves. So, that is a unique feature, and we’ll have subsequent that’ll talk about that feature and other features of the chair independently, but I just wanted to highlight that to you. It’s a very interesting chair, in that respect. There’s not many chairs that have calf rollers. I mean, I can name them all on one hand, less than all the fingers on one hand. You see it has shoulder airbags, it has waist airbags, it has forearm-and-hand airbags. You’ve got hip airbags. It’s got everything you’d possibly want as far as rollers and airbags go, there’s no lack anywhere. You’ll also notice that it has, it doesn’t have a pedestal remote, it’s got a remote that can hide in a side panel. It’s an easy-to-use remote. I don’t remember how many programs it has, but it’s a very versatile chair.

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Alan: There’s lots of features that you can work and access through the remote control. It also has a Bluetooth feature, so the Bluetooth feature allows you to pair your phone, or your tablet, or whatever device to the chair, and then play your music, or whatever you want to play over the speakers. So, you can listen to your own music at your own leisure, in other words, whatever songs you want to listen to, that’s a nice feature as well. The chair has a sliding base, and this is something that the old Infinity Iyashi used to have as well. You could put the chair right up against the wall, so it’s a space-saver chair, and then when you turn on the program, the chair will slide forward about 10 to 12 inches, and then when it comes all the way forward, then it will tilt back in to a reclined position to begin the program. So, it’s actually a pretty cool space-saving feature, a really clean space-saving feature. You don’t have to measure too much, you can almost put it virtually up against a wall. Anyway, and by the way, when you do get this chair, make sure that you do recline the chair all the way, before you slide it up in to the wall, just to make sure that you have the exact distance that you can work with. So, because you don’t want, the last thing you want – and I’ve got plenty of holes in the walls in this showroom to show you – if you put the chair too close to a wall before you recline it, you’re going to, that thing’s going to hit the wall, and put a hole right through your drywall. That’s happened many times here.

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Alan: You’ll notice it’s got a couple of pillows here. One to prop your head up if you’re uncomfortable with your head too far back, and one to kind of dampen the intensity of the massage if it’s too strong. But anyway, that is the Osaki Ekon, I like this chair a lot. We’ve added it to the – we consider this a high-end 3D L-chair – like the Novo, like the Infinity Presidential, like the Luraco Legend. It’s a very nice chair, great bang for the buck, good build, a good quality build this chair has, so I think you’re going to love it.

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Alan: I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks so much for visiting today. I hope you found the video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us, and of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video with your friends and family through your various and sundry social media platforms, whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, whatever. We just appreciate you helping us spread the word. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner, and I will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.

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