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Ogawa Smart 3DAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the new Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair from Ogawa. Ogawa is actually – those chairs are made in the same factory in China as the Cozzia chairs – and as a matter of fact, Cozzia and Ogawa are essentially the same company here in the United States. But the Ogawa chairs were made primarily for online retailers, such as us, even though we’re an offline retailer as well, in our showrooms, we have showrooms, but many of the Cozzia chairs are reserved for certain retailers. The Ogawa chairs are more available now for online retailers, such as ourselves, and we can also have them in our showroom, which we do here. But the Ogawa Smart 3D is their brand new massage chair, that they just came out with in the last couple of months. It runs off of a tablet app, so it has a tablet that comes with the chair. You have – now, I don’t have my glasses on, but there are – they include the tablet, it’s a Samsung tablet, with the chair, and on the tablet, they have an app that runs the chair. And so, rather than having a regular, typical remote control, you can manage the usability of the chair from the tablet.

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Alan: Now, one of the advantages of having a tablet is that if they make some changes to the software, it can be upgraded, or updated, sorry, or uploaded, to the tablet, so now you’ve got an upgraded interface for the user, which is pretty easy to do, and pretty cool, actually. Because a lot of the chairs – well, most of the chairs nowadays, you have, they have to send, the chair has to be – the programming has to be redone in China or Japan – and then the new chairs have to be uploaded with that updated software, and then the chairs start coming back to the United States, for sale. Well, with chairs like this, you can update the app, here locally, upgrade the app, or update the app, upload the new program to the app, and you’ve got an updated user interface, pretty cool. Anyway, this chair, it comes in ‘Black’ and ‘Cappuccino,’ and this is the cappuccino color. It’s kind of a unique color, it’s a lighter brown, it’s a nice-looking chair, especially with the black exterior. It has a little pedestal here for the tablet. You have quick controls on the side, so you can also operate some functionality right from the armrest. You’ll notice here that it has a pad to attenuate the intensity, if it’s too intense for you, and you’ve also got a regular neck pillow, if you need some support for your neck. And that’s an interesting point is that, for some people, particularly older, who have spines that have been degenerated for some years, sometimes it’s hard to get that neck back, to get the head back, to get the neck massaged, so these head pillows serve a great purpose for people that can’t get their heads back.

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Alan: And in fairly short order, you’ll notice that your head does go back farther, but in the beginning, for some users, especially those of us who are older, it takes a little while before we can let our heads just fall back, and get the neck massaged that way. So, the pillow serves a purpose on all the massage chairs that way. This chair also has, it has 64 airbags, plenty of airbags, and it has a new patented technology to make it one of the quietest chairs in the world, and it is a very quiet chair for the number of airbags that it has. And some of the airbags include, of course, foot and calf, seat, waist, hip, arms, hands, shoulders, and I will just show you here, it has the shoulder-airbag housing here. And you can adjust the width of the shoulder airbags for a narrow, maybe a female body, which is typically a little bit more narrow, you can bring them in, and then of course, you can let them pop out for a broader, usually like a male-shoulder width, to accommodate both the sizes. It also has an MP3 system, and you can see the speakers here. You can plug in the phone, or plug in your device down here. where the quick controls are. And these quick controls are available to you so you don’t have to go in to the app, and you know, wake up the app, and start, and go to the app and press, you can just press some of the buttons right from the armrest on the right-hand side here, and adjust some of the functionality of the chair. It has 3D rollers, so you can adjust the intensity. You can move the rollers forward or back to increase or decrease the intensity of the chair rollers.

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Alan: That’s a nice feature to have. This one also has mechanical foot rollers. It has, let’s see, what else are we talking about that it has? It has a 3D-body scan as well. It comes with a great ‘Try Me’ tutorial on the app, so you can sit in this thing for the first, I think it’s maybe 15 minutes or so, a 12 to 15-minute demo that’ll walk you through all the functionality of the chair. And when it’s showing you – when it’s explaining the functionality on the app – the chair is actually doing those things that it’s talking about. It’s a very interactive demo, so it’s not just someone talking, it’s the chair actually working in concert with the explanation, on the app, but it’s a nice chair. You’ve got a nice little faux-wood armrest finish here. It’s not a huge chair, the width of it is negotiable through most door frames. It’s a nice-looking chair, a very nice chair, it retails at $6999 at this point. And we expect this chair to be a fairly popular-seller, because it’s something new with a tablet, with the 3D technology, and of course, the foot rollers, the zero – oh, it has two zero-gravity settings as well – so it’s basically got everything you need in a chair. It does not have an L-track, but the track itself is fairly long. I think it’s 31 or 32 inches, so it covers the neck down to the tailbone.

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Alan: It’s a very nice chair, a nice offering in this market that we – you know, the tablet usage is something that’s fairly new to us – and so we’re excited about that. Oh, and when you use the tablet, and we’ll do this on a separate video, but when you log in as a user, it gives you as many as 17 auto-programs, according to Ogawa, I haven’t used them all, I’m not familiar with them all, but when you do log in as a user, it expands the functionality of the app, so that’s a great feature as well. Well, that’s it as far as the introduction goes. It comes with a one-year, parts-and-labor warranty, a second year of parts only, and a third year of structure. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 888-259-5380, and we’ll gladly answer any questions for you. We have the chair here in our Southern California showroom, so my staff here at this showroom are quite a bit more familiar with it than what you might read just on the Internet, but if you have any questions, give us a call. If you found the video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, spread the word about this chair, or any of our massage chairs, by you know, sharing this video on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter accounts, whatnot. Help us spread the word about massage chairs. Well, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and that is our introduction to the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair. Bye bye.

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