Introduction – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair (Video)

Infinity Presidential massage chair

Transcript of Video Titled “Introduction – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair”

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Infinity Presidential massage chairAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the new Infinity Presidential 3D L-track massage chair. It’s a beautiful chair. We just have had it for a couple of months, it came, it was introduced at the tail end of 2017, to the market, and but it’s a very nice chair.

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Alan: You’ll notice it’s got a neck pillow that you can move up and out of the way. You’ve got shoulder airbags, you’ve got arm airbags, and similar to some of the other Infinity chairs, and also like the Human Touch Novo, it’s got little, little knobules on the arm-massage airbag covers, which will kind of keep your arm tractioned in place. Sometimes when they don’t have that, some of the airbag, arm airbags will kind of squirt your arm out of the airbags. This will kind of traction it in. You’ll also notice that it has an encapsulated foot massage. So, you got to put your foot inside, and I’ll show you that when we do the first-time walkthrough of the chair. But it has airbags on the sides, it has the pouch on the side for the remote control. You see speakers here, this is a Bluetooth-paired chair. And you also can take a look at the side view of it, it’s got the little emblem there that lights up when the chair’s on for some what they call chromotherapy, and of course, the Infinity name.

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Alan: But this is the Infinity Presidential, a very nice chair, it has what they call a J-track to it. You’ve heard of L-tracks, where the track comes – an L-track – the rollers come down the back and then under the butt. Well, this one comes under the butt also, but they call it a J-track, because rather than going right under the butt, it comes down in a bit of a J-shape, like at an angle, a 45-degree angle, and what that allows is, the chair to flatten out a little bit more, so that you get a better stretch on it, because L-tracks are notoriously poor for good stretch programs. S-track chairs are great for stretches, like the Infinity 8500, or 8500X3, or the Luraco iRobotics 7, or the Inada DreamWave. They all have great stretch programs, because they can flatten out completely, because they just have the S-track, they don’t have any rollers going underneath the butt. So, this one, they’ve kind of, they have the S-track going down, but then they angle the L-portion down 45 degrees, instead of 90 degrees, and that’s the J, and that will allow the chair to flatten out for a good stretch in this chair.

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Alan: Anyway, it’s a very nice chair. It’s an easy chair to use, and I will show you how to use this on the first-time use. It comes in the ‘Black’ and the ‘Brown.’ It is a reasonably easy chair to assemble. The remote control has – one thing that I like about the remote control, it’s on the right-hand side, as I mentioned earlier – but it has programming keys under the menu, but it has quick keys down here too. So, it’s really easy to get started on this chair, and I’ll show you that in the next video, which is the ‘First-Time Use’ of the chair. Anyway, this is the Infinity Presidential. It has foot rollers I don’t know if I mentioned that. It has calf airbags, foot airbags, it has all, you know, of course, all the airbags you’d want in a massage chair, plus the L-track, plus the 3D, so you can adjust the intensity of the massage, but that’s it for the Infinity Presidential. It’s a bigger chair. It does have a space-saving feature, so it’s what they call ‘zero wall,’ or a space saver, so you can put the chair almost right up against the wall, and it won’t hit the wall when it reclines. I hope I’m not forgetting anything. It has hip airbags, not a lot of L-tracks have these hip airbags that kind of inflate on to the iliotibial bands, but if you’re looking for a real strong iliotibial-band massage, you’re not going to get it.

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Alan: It’s more of what I would consider kind of a placeholder kind of airbag. It holds the hips in, so when the rollers go up and down – same with the shoulders – when the rollers go up and down the spine, these rollers hold the spine in place, so the rollers can dig in a little bit more, and this can handle a fairly tall body as well. The rollers go up, I think it can handle people up to 6′ 5″ pretty good, it’ll do the neck massage on a person that’s 6′ 5″ very good. A lot of chairs say they fit people that’re up to 6′ 4″, 6′ 5′, but the rollers don’t go up that high on the neck. It’ll fit them, but the rollers won’t get the neck done. So, that’s the thing you really want to know about, is this going to massage the neck, or is it just going to fit me if I’m 6′ 5″?

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Alan: OK, that’s it for the Infinity Presidential. I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video on your YouTube, or sorry, on your social media platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, whatnot. We just appreciate you helping us spread the word. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again on the next video.

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