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Infinity Genesis

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Infinity GenesisAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the Infinity Genesis massage chair, which is one of our top-of-the-line 3D L-track massage chairs.

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Alan: These have become a very popular genre of chairs, with the L-track, and when I talk about L-track, in case you’re new to the game, I can explain it to you, the L-track is – all chairs have rollers that go down their back, that go down the back – the L-track continues on underneath the buttock to massage the glutes and the piriformis muscles. So, this is what we would call an L-track, or an SL-track because it has the S-shape up here, and then the L going underneath the butt. But anyway, this is a 3D L-track, which means you can adjust the depth of the rollers, so you can make it more intense or less intense by digging in more or digging in less in to your back, which is a very nice feature, and this is built in one of the top massage chair factories in China. Now, you’ll notice the design is very nice. It’s a nice-looking exterior of the chair, it’s quite modern, it’s a little slick with the chrome accents and the plastic accents. It comes with a remote control on the right-hand side.

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Alan: Now, you’ll notice here, we have the, kind of the black and gray Genesis, and it came with two remote-control pouches, so you can use either color. If you want the black accent against the gray, or you can just keep the gray, or silver, or whatever it is, up against that, but when you get the Genesis chair, you get two pouches as an option. The remote control is very, very simple to use. We’re not going to go in to that today, this’ll be for another video, but it’s a small remote, easy to use, auto-programs, manual programs, air massage, zero gravity, the 3D. Everything can be adjusted from that little tiny remote, and by the way, there’s always a learning curve when you get a new chair, like it’s tough to learn the remote control, and kind of get used to how it works, but once you’ve got it, it’s a piece of cake. And I can guarantee you, if you don’t get it within one or two times on the chair, give it to one of your kids and they’ll have it figured out in about 10 minutes. Anyway, you’ll notice here that we’ve got speakers, and this is part-and-parcel with the Bluetooth technology, so you can pair your phone or your device with the chair, and then play your playlists over these MP3 speakers, or music speakers, and the quality of them is pretty good.

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Alan: I remember when I first started in this business, there were very few chairs that had music speakers, and they were bad, but they’ve gotten better and better, and Infinity has some chairs that have really nice speaker systems. You’ll see the shoulder airbags here as well, and Infinity’s fantastic for integrating shoulder airbags that pin your shoulders back when the chair is gong through a stretch program. You’ll notice the arm airbags here on the side, and these ones also have the little knobules. A lot of chairs have them now, because these knobules kind of traction your arm. Again, older chairs, when they turn on the arm airbags, the airbags would turn on and kind of squeeze your arms out of the airbags, which is counterproductive. So, now, a lot of the chairs, and a lot of the Infinity chairs have deeper wells to put your arms, and knobules to kind of hold it in place, hold your arm in place. You’ll also notice here that there’s an ottoman, and the ottoman has calf airbags, calf, foot airbags, and foot rollers at the bottom of the feet, very common features that you’ll find on most chairs nowadays. Now, of course, this is the Infinity Genesis, so that comes with a five-year limited warranty now, and Infinity is a great company as far as technical support, or customer support.

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Alan: If you ever have a problem with the chair, they’re great to take care of you. The Infinity Genesis, nice chair, top-of-the-line 3D L-track chair. I think you’ll really enjoy the fit of it as well. It kind of has a tendency to fit a lot of different body types quite nicely. Well, anyway, that’s the introduction to the Infinity Genesis massage chair.

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