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Infinity Altera

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Infinity AlteraAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the Infinity Altera massage from Infinity. This is a chair that we have brought in to our showroom to replace the Infinity Iyashi, which was recently discontinued, and the Altera has kind of a similar feel on the rollers as the Iyashi.

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Alan: The Iyashi had a very nice roller system, this one has a very nice roller system. The one thing that I like about this one over the Iyashi is that it has a little bit stronger neck massage, but this is an L-track chair. You notice that it’s got the roller track coming down the linen, all the way down in to the seat, that’s a nice feature. This chair also has a different body from the Iyashi, as you can take a look at the body, it’s a nice, kind of a unibody design, which seems to be kind of popular right now with other chairs, like the Lohas from uKnead, and the Novo XT from Human Touch. It’s kind of moved in to more of a different style of body. The Inada DreamWave introduced a whole different body, at the time, back in 2009, and it changed the way the whole industry started creating the look of massage chairs.

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Alan: The Human Touch Novo XT, the Altera, the uKnead Lohas, they’ve all kind of started to adapt, or adopt this unibody design, which has become quite popular as well. Now, this chair, I’ll mention to you, is designed for more of a smaller body, whereas like the Infinity 8500, and the Infinity Iyashi are built for people up to 6′ 5″, 6′ 6″, this one is ideal for people up to 6′ 2″. It’s a bit of a smaller chair. It’s narrower, but not as narrow as like the Ultra, or the uKnead Lohas. It’s a very nice fit, it’s a nice fit, and most Infinity chairs are good fits for most people. You’ll notice it has shoulder airbags. It’s got a couple of neck pads, one to prop your head up, one to add, you know, give you a little cushioning from the rollers. You’ll notice the armrests have little knobules on here, much like the Infinity Iyashi had, and the Human Touch Novo has. So, this is kind of a nice way to kind of keep the hands gripped, and tractioned in place when the airbags are inflating on to the arms. You’ve got shoulder airbags. You can see speakers, this has a Bluetooth-connectivity feature, so you can pair up your phone, or your device with your chair, and play your music over these speakers.

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Alan: Now, the speakers on massage chairs are nothing to write home about, eh, but they are – at least it’s a music system – so you can listen to it while you’re doing your thing. Shoulder airbags, arm airbags, you’ll notice the remote control sits in this little pouch here, kind of discreetly hidden from view. It’s a very simple-looking remote, it’s a fairly easy remote to use. I’ve found that the remote was a little bit – it took a little getting used to, because it was not a typical remote, it seemed to, just from my experience of remotes, it seemed to me, it took a – it was not as intuitive as a lot of the other remotes were. So, it took a little bit of a learning curve, and when I say a little bit of a learning curve, what, like five minutes, so it’s a fairly easy remote to learn, and use, but it just takes a little getting used to. OK, now, as far as the ottoman goes, you’ll see that we have calf airbags. We’ve got foot airbags, and we’ve got foot rollers here as well, and they’re very comfortable. Infinity is, in my mind, it’s kind of notorious for having comfortable foot airbags, or sorry, foot rollers, so the Infinity Altera is no different than that, it’s got a very nice, comfortable foot roller.

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Alan: So, overall impression of this chair – and in another video, I’ll go through how to use this thing on your first time through – but overall impression of this chair, it’s a very nice chair. It’s a vigorous massage, it’s not a 3D L-track, it’s just a 2D L-track. So, you can’t adjust the depth of the rollers, but it has a deep, it has a deep roller, so the default roller depth is good. So, you’ll get a good workout on the neck, and the low back, and the mid back, and the buttock. It comes in the ‘Brown,’ it comes in the ‘Black,’ I cannot remember if it comes in the ‘Cream.’ I’m not sure, but you can check on the website to see if it comes in Cream, but overall, a very nice chair. It comes with a one-year, parts-and-labor warranty, a second year of parts, a third year of structure, pretty typical for most Chinese chairs, and pretty much all the Infinity chairs, and it’s built in the Rongtai factory in China. So, you know that the quality for a Chinese chair, is quite good. Anyway, this is the Infinity Altera, and I hope you found this video helpful.

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