Introduction – Human Touch HT-9500x Massage Chair (Video)


Transcript of Video Titled “Introduction – Human Touch HT-9500x Massage Chair”

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HT-9500xAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the top of the line chair for Human Touch, the HT-9500x. And Human Touch is known for creating aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture that happen to have massage function, as opposed to the typical massage chair, which looks like a massage chair, and may have a little bit of a nice aesthetic to it to kind of try to make it blend in to any kind of room decorum, but Human Touch has chairs that actually look like pieces of furniture. And you can tell, just by looking at the 9500 right away, it’s got a very traditional, classic, recliner-looking style, and you can’t even tell it’s a massage chair, for heaven’s sake. There’s no arm airbags that are sticking out, the foot-and-calf airbags are underneath – or they’re not even airbags, it’s a foot-and-calf paddle system – but that’s hidden underneath the chair seat.

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Alan: You can see you’ve got pillows here to give you some support in the lumbar spine and on the neck, or the low back and neck. Without these pillows, chairs don’t have much support here where the track goes, and it kind of feels like your back’s falling in to the track, or in to the cavity where the track runs up and down, so Human Touch has included a couple of pillows to give you some support there. Also, it’s got a leather upholstery, a very nice leather upholstery, good looking chair, feels and looks like a regular recliner, and it does have a nice massage function. Now, some of the features of this chair include, airbags in the seat – there’s an airbag system in the seat, and that’s the only place where there’s airbags – the foot-and-calf massage, which I’m going to deploy right now, comes out from underneath the seat, but this does not have airbags in it, like most other massage chairs. It has paddles, it’s kind of a soft, rubbery paddle that works in a wave-like manner down your calves and feet to kind of enhance the circulation, a beautiful function. As a matter of fact, the foot-and-calf massage on the Human Touch chairs are better than any other chair out there. Now, I mentioned also there’s not a lot of airbags, there’s airbags in the seat, but no airbags in the arms, no airbags in the waist, or in the neck, but the roller system is a 3D roller system. You can move the rollers forward and back, and they do it through the use of airbags, kind of like what Inada does with their chairs, but the airbags are on the side, that push you further away and closer to the roller system here, and it’s a good, firm roller system.

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Alan: The chair has eight preprogrammed auto-programs that you can use to get whatever, you know, physiological effect you want from the chair, and of course, you can do manual settings on the chair, and customize your massage all you want. The remote control goes in to a little pocket on the side – sorry to have you come swing all around here – but there’s a little pouch down on the side, so it hides the remote, so it doesn’t stick out on a pedestal. Again, in keeping with the idea that we want to have a chair that looks kind of like a normal chair, not as conspicuously obvious a massage chair, so that is kind of their forte. So, that is the Human Touch HT-9500x, great chair, if you have any questions about it, feel free to call me at 888-259-5380. And also, feel free to share this video, and this chair, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, whatever it takes, we just appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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