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HT-Bali massage chair

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HT-BaliAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today I am going to introduce you to the new Human Touch AcuTouch 8.0, which is also called the HT-Bali, B-A-L-I, and this is a new offering from Human Touch, and it’s a very nice offering. It’s keeping in line with their traditional, aesthetically appealing looking chairs, and retractable ottomans, and hidden features, to make it look more like a regular chair, this massage chair also introduces some nice features. You’ll notice the shoulder airbags on the side, and the shoulder airbags, as you know, from my other videos on other chairs, are designed to kind of hold your shoulders in place, while the rollers go up and down your back, so that you can get a more intense massage on the back. You’ll notice also the armrests pop up, and they have arm airbags built in. Of course, because of the shortness of the armrests, you don’t get as much coverage up the arm, as you would on some of the other chairs, but at least it’s got arm airbags, which is something that a lot of Human Touch chairs don’t have.

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Alan: It has seat airbags, and of course, a roller system – it has some – I believe it has some airbags on the waist as well, and a good roller track. It goes down to the low back, below the belt line, very nice for a Human Touch chair, a nice looking pillow to give you some cervical support, if you’re just using the chair as a regular recliner. And then, of course, it has a nice little remote control pocket on the side, and the remote control is a nice looking remote control, very simple, very easy to use. You’ve got a menu that you can scroll up and down on, to get to whatever various function that it is, or program that you want to have. Now, this chair has some nice adjustments to it. You can adjust the strength of the massage chair rollers, so it’s got 3D rollers, but in separate sections, so if you want to adjust the intensity of the rollers in the neck only, and maintain a lower intensity in the low back, you can do that, or vice versa, very nice feature from Human Touch. That’s something we don’t see in many chairs, I don’t think I’ve seen it in any other chair, other than the Human Touch, this HT-Bali, and the ZeroG 4.0, also from Human Touch. Now, this also has the retractable ottoman, which goes underneath the seat, and I’m going to deploy it for you, so you can see how it comes out, and how it works. And now, of course the ottoman does not use airbags, like most other – well, every other chair uses, Human Touch has their own patented paddle technology, which is like a molded – it’s a molded, rubber, form-fitting mold, is all I can describe it as, that goes around your calves, and your feet, and it works, kind moves in a wave-like pattern like this, to really enhance circulation in the lower extremities.

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Alan: It also has foot rollers underneath the soles of the feet, which is very, very nice, and you have this little adjustment here at the top of the ottoman, and you can adjust the width of the incursion of the paddles in to the the calves and feet, so you can make it more or less intense. Now, one thing that’s very cool about this also, which is characteristic of a lot of Human Touch chairs, as well as the new Panasonic MA73, and MA70, is you can lift this little latch, and rotate the ottoman under, so you can create a chair, an ottoman, so that you can use it as a regular recliner. You do not have to have the foot-and-calf wells out, which is restricting where your legs have to go, when you’re sitting that way, if you’re just using it as a regular recliner. You can rotate it under, and put your feet on top of the ottoman, just like that, very nice feature, very characteristic of the Human Touch chairs. You’ll notice that the chair is a little bit smaller, it’s not a huge chair, it’s very light. As a matter of fact, when we received this chair, in the box, I hauled it in myself, unpacked it myself, assembled it myself, and put it in place by myself. It has wheels in the back, it has – the only thing that you had to do for assembly, that I had to do for assembly – was attach the pillow, and I think that was it, and it’s a light chair, you can move it around fairly easily. If you’ve got someone to help you lift the chair in to the room that you’d want to put it, it’s very easy to put together yourself, you don’t need much help. So, what I’m getting at is that you may not have to spend any money on white glove delivery.

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Alan: So, again, I think I just pointed out the pouch on the side here to put the remote when it’s not in use, as opposed to having a pedestal remote, where the remotes are up on a pedestal, and some people don’t like that. It’s a little gaudy for them, but this is very nice from the Human Touch family. A very nice chair, I like it, it’s starting to add features, like I mentioned in the beginning, like shoulder airbags, and arm airbags, that other chairs from the Human Touch family don’t have. So, they’re kind of nice integrations, but they still integrated it with nice lines, nice aesthetics, to kind of keep that good looking recliner look, without looking too much like a massage chair. And that’s what their goal is, and they really do a wonderful, wonderful job at engineering and designing these kinds of chairs. Well, I hope you found this video helpful. This was an introduction to the Human Touch AcuTouch 8.0, HT-Bali, and we will – on the next video – we’ll talk about how to use this chair for your first time through, but I hope you found it helpful. Please thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, if you found it helpful. And of course, spread the word about massage chairs on your social media properties, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, whatnot, we appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. Have a fantastic day, and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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