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Transcript of Video Titled “Infinity IT-8200 Massage Chair – Introduction”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to be giving you an introduction to the new IT-8200 massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. It’s from their Infinity 5-Star Comfort line, and this a chair that has become very, very popular very, very quick. This is the ‘Black’ color, it also comes in a ‘Taupe,’ and in a ‘Chocolate Brown’ color. You’ll see that it’s got the typical ottoman and foot and calf massage. It has airbags along the thighs, it also has airbags in the seat, and there will be another video where we will show you how that works on this chair. It’s not – it’s a little different – it’s kind of an imitation seat movement mechanism like the Inada Sogno Dreamwave has.

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Alan: It has a remote control. It’s a pedestal remote that can come off and on this little stem. You’ll see it’s got shoulder airbags here. It has a neck pillow here, and it actually has airbags in here that induce a rotation in the neck, and we will show that on a separate video as well. You can also lift back the shoulders, or the shoulder and head airbags, and you can see the rollers, and the linen that separates your spine from the rollers, just below these pillows. And you can always lift pillows up and out of the way on pretty much any massage chair if you want to get a really, really intense massage, you can just lift these things up and over. I believe you can also un-velcro the whole pad, if you want, and unhook one of the air hoses, and you can actually get an even more intense massage underneath, but I would not recommend doing that. But anyway, that’s – airbags in the hips also, it has speakers on the side, and it has a music system, and we will discuss that in a separate video as well – but it has an mp3, jump drive, USB port in the back of the chair.

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Alan: You can plug in a jump drive, and then with music downloaded to it, and the music will play through these speakers. Also, you’ll notice that it has arm airbags on the sides that work on your forearms and your hands and wrists. And that is pretty much a summary of the new IT-8200. It’s a nice chair, it’s a reasonably priced chair, it’s a Chinese-made chair, it ships out of Seattle. It comes with a one-year, parts-and-labor, in-home warranty, a second year of parts only, and a third year of structure, which is a pretty typical warranty for a massage chair. But that’s the IT-8200 from Infinite Therapeutics. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner. If you enjoyed this video, and you want to get updated on any other videos that we do for this chair or any other chair, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also, if you like what we’ve talked about, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, ‘Share’ us on Facebook, and on Twitter. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day. Bye bye.


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