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Intro to iRobotics 6 chair from Luraco - Video & Transcripts - iRobotics 6 copy 22
iRobotics 6

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from‘ and today we are going to introduce you to the Luraco Technologies iRobotics 6 massage chair, claimed to be the first U.S.-made massage chair. Luraco is based out of Dallas, Texas where they assemble the chairs and manufacture the electronic components. I am going to give you a little introduction to the chair today so you can get a feel for it. You can see from the body styling that it’s a Sogno, kind of a Sogno look-alike imitation, or not imitation, but kind of a take on the Sogno styling. You’ll also notice that it has a pedestal remote control. It has foot-and-calf ottoman massage, it has airbags in the seat and on the side of the thighs.

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Alan: It has a headpiece which is a little reminiscent of the Sogno, it has airbags that inflate on the back of the skull, and also down on to the trapezius muscles. Then, this area behind the head is also thin enough that you can feel the rollers come up and down the neck as well. So, you’re kind of getting the benefit of airbag massage and rollers at the same time. You can, of course, flip this up and over the back and get that out of the way if you just want a pure, unadulterated roller massage on the neck and head. Also, you’ll notice that it has arm massage on the side – maybe Jordan, come on over here a little closer and kind of zoom in on this – it has arm massage on the side as well, and it’s one of the few chairs that has some upper-arm massage. It has airbags that inflate on to the bicep muscles. So, you’re getting arm, hand, wrist, and upper-arm massage. A couple of things that I’ll show you that come with this chair: it does have a music system, and on the remote control, in the back, there’s a little SD card here that you can pop out, plug in to your computer, download whatever music you want on it, and pop it back in.

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Alan: You can adjust the music. and play whatever songs, and fast forward, and stop, from the remote control. It does not have a speaker system, the chair comes with ear buds, along with an extension cord for the ear buds that plug in to the back of the chair. If you come back here to the back of the chair, hopefully we can get the camera to show you this, but you’ll see here that there is an on/off switch, there’s a light that shows that the power’s on. Here is the plug where the ear buds go, and of course, there is a plug for the remote control, and a plug for the power. Then, here is a fuse, which is pretty – the fuse and the power, and the power switch, and the power cord – pretty typical in massage chairs. The remote control is very easy to replace, and of course, the ear plug is a little unique for this chair, so that is something that this chair comes with also, is the ear buds.

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Alan: I also might mention that it comes with a very easy-to-read and easy-to-use quick reference guide, which I used the first time I got it. It was very easy to follow. The remote control on this chair is very simple to use, very intuitive, you’ll have no trouble operating the chair once you get in it and start playing with the remote control. It also comes with an extended pillow that you can put along the back if the intensity of the massage chair is too much. By the way, this chair does have an intensity adjustment. There are some other features, we’ll talk about that when we go in to the remote, and some of the other features of the chair. It’s a very nice chair. It’s got a good, firm massage, it’s got a very stylish body and design, and it’s got a lot of airbags. It’s got 102 airbags that work the body over, and when you sit in it, you can feel it. I mean, the airbags are going nonstop, on and off, on and off throughout the body. This is the Luraco iRobotics 6, it comes with a two-year, parts-and-labor, in-home warranty, a third year parts, and then a couple of extra years for structure only. It comes in ‘Black,’ ‘Chocolate,’ and I think it’s ‘Tan,’ there’s another color with it.

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Alan: It comes in three color selections, and it’s a very nice chair. It’s a little different than the Chinese-made chairs that we’re familiar with. The feel of the rollers is a little bit different, the airbag layout is a little bit different, and the remote control is different, but it’s a very nice chair. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from,’ thanks for visiting with us today. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel, ‘Like’ the video, and share us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks so much, have a great day. Bye bye.

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