Insurance Paying for Massage Chair?

denied person

If there is one question we get more than any other in this business, it’s whether insurance will cover the cost of a massage chair purchase. I have no certain answer for you. As a matter of fact, in the 7 years I have been selling massage chairs, I have only heard of two where a third party paid for the chair and both instances had to do with disability/handicap situations where the chair was paid for by certain governmental departments that were paying for rehab of some sort.

If anyone out there has had their health insurance pay for a massage chair, please let us know about it. Feel free to call me at our showroom at 801-417-8240 and share your experience with me. We’d love to share your success with other clients who ask about the possibility of having their health insurance traders insurance cover all or some of the massage chair purchase.

Perhaps there is some code that the insurance companies accept for massage chair sales; perhaps you have purchased the chair and then submitted the bill to your insurance company and received reimbursement for your expense; perhaps a doctor prescribed a massage chair to you and the insurance company then paid for the chair for you.

Whatever your story, we’d like to hear about it for the sake of all our readers.

Thanks for your input.

Dr. Alan Weidner