Infinity Presidential vs. Genesis vs. Imperial

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Infinity massage chairs have come out with a triumvirate of new chair models that offer the 3D L-track feature, something that has been lacking in our industry. The Genesis is a Costco exclusive, the Imperial is a Mattress Firm exclusive, while the Infinity Presidential massage chair is the model the rest of the retailers carry (including Mattress Firm, labeled as the Presidential 2).

I have the Presidential in both of my showrooms and it is a very popular model. It came to us in November 2017 and has been a top seller ever since. It competes very nicely with chairs like the Human Touch Novo XT, the Luraco Legend, and the Osaki Ekon…all 3D L-track chairs.

I figured I’d dedicate this brief article to describing the differences between the 3 Infinity models as it has become somewhat confusing to massage chair shoppers who have run across the names of all three in their research. I’ve only sat on the Presidential, so for the feel of the chairs, I can’t speak for the Genesis or the Imperial. So, my points below will be relative to what we have in the Presidential model:

  1. Infinity Genesis massage chair
    Infinity Genesis

    As mentioned above, the Genesis is sold through Costco road shows, while the Imperial is sold through Mattress Firms road shows. These models are not listed on their respective websites and can only be found through the road show sales model.

  2. They all have different looks, but essentially offer many of the same features, i.e. 3D rollers, L-track, foot rollers, lots of airbags, auto programs, manual settings, zero gravity, etc.
  3. The Genesis does not have the heated rollers, heated feet, or stretch program that the Infinity Presidential offers.
  4. Infinity Imperial massage chair
    Infinity Imperial

    The Imperial has calf rollers and an “air ionizer”. Not sure what that is, but it sounds cool. Here is the description as written on the Infinity website…”This feature gently blows fresh air from small vents in the headrest to facilitate healthy oxygen intake. You will feel invigorated and focused after inhaling freshly circulated air during your massage session.” The calf rollers and ionizer are not found on the other two models.

  5. Infinity Presidential massage chair
    Infinity Presidential

    The Presidential actually has a “J”-track, instead of a true L-track. The L-track extends beyond the back 90 degrees to directly under the buttocks. The J-track also extends under the buttocks but at a 45 degree angle. What this does is allow the chair to flatten out more like a true S-track chair to a more horizontal position and, thus, provide a better stretch action than the L-track chairs.


Dr. Alan Weidner

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4 Replies to “Infinity Presidential vs. Genesis vs. Imperial”

  1. How does the Overture compare to the Imperial? I’ve been reading up and I really like the J-Track, but it doesn’t appear the Imperial comes with the J-Track… and I’m not seeing any Overture’s or the Presidential anywhere. Do you have them in stock? Also, I know this is an older article above, was the Overture and Presidential replaced?

    1. Hi, Rick
      Thanks for reaching out. Both the Overture and Presidential have been since discontinued. That’s why there isn’t any sign of them anywhere. The Imperial is a great chair, but does not have the J-track you speak of. The OHCO M.8 has a MaxTrack, which is a variant of the J-track, but if you want an L-track massage with the best stretch program, look at the new Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. We just got it last week in our SoCal showroom and it has the best stretch of almost any chair because of it’s split roller track system. Definitely worth a look right now.

      I hope this helps!
      dr. w.

  2. So in your opinion, the Presidential model is superior to the Genesis model? What is the price difference?

    1. Hi, Barry
      Thanks for your inquiry. I have both the Presidential and the Genesis in my showroom (and the Overture, which is the upgrade of the Presidential). Both are great chairs, but I prefer the Presidential because it, like the Overture, is a J-track which facilitates a better stretch than the traditional L-track of the Genesis. I also like the job the Presidential does on the neck…better massage of the top of the neck. It also has heated rollers, along with heated pads for other parts of your body, which the Genesis does not have. If you have size 13 or larger feet, the Presidential and it’s enclosed foot massage, is not a great option.The Genesis has a rocking feature that is pretty cool. That is my two bits worth. I hope this helps! Please feel free to call me at 81-651-2026 if you have more questions. We also have an in-store sale of both models currently that we can talk about.
      dr. w.

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