Infinity Iyashi – Stretch Program (Video)

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Transcript of Video Titled “Stretch Program – Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to demonstrate the stretch program of the Infinity Iyashi massage chair. Now, every massage chair has its own stretch, version of doing a stretch program, and in the Iyashi, it’s a little bit different than others. In a lot of the chairs, the chair back goes back, and it reclines and inclines repetitively with the ottoman going up and down, to induce this milking motion, if you will, of the spine. Well, the Iyashi’s a little different than that, it doesn’t do that, the Iyashi focuses primarily ottoman extending the legs out, grabbing the legs with the airbags, and pulling the legs out. So, let’s begin this, and I’ll show you exactly what I mean by this. Now, I just want to mention before we go to the chair, the Infinity chairs use the word ‘Extend’ to describe stretch. Most chairs’ll say ‘Stretching’ or ‘Stretch Program,’ Infinity uses the term ‘Extend.’

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Alan: So, on their remote control, you use ‘Extend,’ and I’m going to demonstrate to you what it’s doing. You’ll see, of course, that the chair is sliding forward, as the sliding base does on the Iyashi. So, you can put the chair as close to the wall as you want, it will recline, and you can see our lovely model Mona’s in there, and she’s going to, we’re going to see what the chair does to her body as she experiences the stretch program. Now, initially the chair will do a scan, as it does on every program, it’ll do an overall scan, and you’ll feel the airbags inflating on the arms, and on the legs, and you’ll feel the rollers going up and down the back. Now, the things that are a little bit unique about the Iyashi chair – and I’ll show you, as soon as this chair reclines, I’ll show you – but we’ve got, the chair utilizes these shoulder airbags up here. So, the chair will utilize the shoulder airbags to pin the upper back down, and then, the ottoman – and now we’re seeing her going back in to the stretching position, we’re going to see the airbags inflate on the shoulder – and then we’re going to see the ottoman airbags inflating on her feet, and it’ll grab her feet, and then the ottoman will extend.

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Alan: So, right now the ottoman airbags are inflating on her feet, grabbing her feet. You’ll see the shoulder airbags inflating on her shoulders. Now, watch the ottoman, see how the ottoman extends, and because the chair is in the zero-gravity position, her butt is anchored against, or leveraged against, the seat. So, the ottoman is pulling her legs out, relative to the tractioned seat, so it’s really just more of a tractioning. So, like I’m telling you, on some chairs, stretching means milking on the spine by going up and down. On this chair, it means primarily, the airbags on the shoulders are pinning the shoulders back, simultaneously, the ottoman is pulling the legs out, and elongating the spine, tractioning the spine, while the butt is tractioned, and abutted, if you will, up against the seat, so it can’t move. So, that is the stretching function of the Infinity Iyashi.

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Alan: You’ll see that it does it recurrently, a number of times over and over, and then it will come back up to neutral – and Mona also mentions that while she’s in here, there’s airbags inflating on her arms, and the airbags are inflating on the waist – aside from the airbags that we’ve already talked about in the feet and in the shoulders. So, again, that is the Infinity Iyashi stretch program. It’s a nice stretch program, it’s different from other chairs, it’s not the usual, typical stretch program, but the airbags grabbing the ankles, which is typical, but extending the ottoman out, and pulling the legs out, while the butt is tractioned to the seat, is a very unique feature for the Infinity Iyashi. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to share us, or ‘Like’ us, on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, whatever social media platform you have. Of course, subscribe to our YouTube videos, or our YouTube channel, so that you can be updated with subsequent videos about this chair, or any other chair, as we come out with them. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks so much for visiting today, and we will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.