Infinity Iyashi – Remote Control (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Remote Control – Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair”

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Iyashi_red_Straight_rightAlan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to demonstrate the remote control of the new Infinity Iyashi massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. This is a unique remote control, I’ve never seen one quite like it. It’s a very, very simple remote control, and I’ll show it to you up close on the video. You’ll see, just from looking at the basic design and the basic layout of the buttons, it’s a very simple design, very easy to use. What you do, first of all, is turn the power on, and you can see the display of the menu. You can always adjust and get back to the menu by pushing this button here, but from this place, we’re in the menu – and let me put on my glasses so I can make sure everything’s clear to me too – and you can scroll down from ‘Auto’ programs, down to ‘Manual’ programs, to ‘Airbag’ programs, ‘Heat,’ turning it on or off, ‘Roller’ programs, and other settings of the chair.

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Alan: Well, let’s say we go to ‘Auto,’ and we push ‘OK’ when we make that selection. Now, we’re in to the automatic programs, there’s ‘Recovery,’ ‘Extend,’ ‘Relax,’ ‘Refresh,’ upper automatic – in other words, upper body, sorry, upper automatic – ‘Upper Body Automatic’ program or ‘Lower Body Automatic’ program. Then, once we’re there, we can just push ‘Recovery,’ if that’s the program we choose. Then, it shows you the display, it says it’s ‘Body Sensing’ while the chair is sliding forward. It is getting a sense for the shape of your spine, the height of your body, your shoulders, and your head relative to your shoulders, but that’s basically how this remote works. Then, you can adjust the – you can extend the ottoman – I’m going to turn this back off again. You can extend the ottoman, you can retract the ottoman, you can push this button to go in to a zero-gravity position. You can adjust the chair up or down, the feet, or ottoman up or down, and you can adjust the position of the rollers with the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ adjust buttons, very simple, very simple remote control, I love it.

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Alan: The remote control also plugs in to the side of the chair here in a little receptacle on the side of the armrest. Usually they’re in the back of the chair, but this one’s up close, and you can also put it in a little pouch inside, on the inside of the massage chair armrest. So, that is how the remote control works, very easy to use remote control. I never got an owner’s manual when this chair came to me, it’s the first chair in the United States, and it’s at our store, but it didn’t come with an owner’s manual. The newer chairs, of course, will – when the chair do come out at the end of August 2013, they will have an owner’s manual with them – but this one did not, and because of the intuitive nature of the remote, I didn’t even really need an owner’s manual. It’s very simple to understand what to do and how to make it function. So, that’s the remote control of the Infinity Iyashi from Infinite Therapeutics. If you found this video helpful or informative, please feel free to ‘Like’ us on YouTube or on Facebook, and spread the word through your social media about massage chairs to help us spread the word about massage chairs, and more particularly about the Infinity Iyashi. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Have a fantastic day, and we’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.


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