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Transcript of Video Titled “Introduction – Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair”

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Iyashi - side view reclinedAlan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to do an introductory video demonstration of the new Infinity Iyashi chair. Now, this chair we’re quite excited about. It’s the first chair that has rollers that come down the back and in to the seat and behind the thighs and the buttock, and we’re quite excited about this chair. As you can tell just from the general look of it, it’s a fairly contemporary looking chair. It has a white outer casing, plastic, hard plastic casing, and then the interior has different colors. In this case, it’s a ‘Red’ one, there’s also a ‘Caramel Brown.’ This chair is coming out in August of 2013. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very popular chair. We’re going to introduce you to the basic layout of the chair today, and just some basic things that you might find of interest. First of all, there’s the body design, you’ll see that it’s all white. It has an outer plastic casing up here in the shoulders, on the armrests, down below, it’s also plastic on the base of the chair.

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Alan: The ottoman, if you’ll notice here on the ottoman, the ottoman has plastic casing there and on the front of the foot. So, the foot slides inside, but it’s all encased by this plastic. You’ll also notice, if we zoom right up in to the chair here, it’s got two pillows here. The head pillow does not have any airbags in it, it’s just a pillow for neck support, but you’ll see the rollers come all the way down in to the seat, about mid thigh, and this is what makes this chair very unique. We’re going to be talking more about that on a separate video. I also want you to see that it has shoulder airbags here, just like the IT-8500, which is also another Infinity chair. It pins the shoulders back – so when you’re getting stretched, or when the rollers are coming up your mid back – the shoulders are pinned back so that it’ll increase the intensity of that particular roller or stretch. You’ll also notice that there’s speakers on the inside of the shoulder mechanisms, and the music comes from an app that you will download, from Infinite Therapeutics, on to your cell phone.

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Alan: As of the time of this recording, the Droid app is available, the Apple app is not ready yet. You can download the app to your cell phone, and play your musical selection of songs you have, whatever you’ve got on your cell phone, play it through the speaker system of this chair. You’ll also see here that it’s got armrests – or sorry, arm airbags, within the armrests – and if you look in real close, you can see little nodules on the material. Those nodules, maybe they’re just for aesthetics, but when you put your arm inside, those nodules kind of hold your arms inside the airbags. Some chairs, they squeeze so hard with the airbags that it actually squishes – when it squishes your arms, it kind of squirts your arms out of the airbags – these little black nodules seem to almost act as a, like a little stopper, to keep your arm inside the armrests. You’ll also notice that the remote control has a cord going in here, on the inside of the armrest frame, it doesn’t go around the back, which most other chairs do have.

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Alan: It also has a little pouch here for the remote so you can hide the remote control from view, and it’s not – on most massage chairs, you’ve either got a remote control pedestal on the side of the chair or a pouch on the outside of the chair – this is one of the first chairs that I’ve seen that has a remote control on the inside, the pouch on the inside, to hide the remote, and I think it’s a great idea. The remote itself is a very, very interesting remote. It’s more like a T.V. remote. You turn on the power, and you can see right here, a menu that pops up. You can go from ‘Automatic’ – and we’ll do this on a separate video – but it’s a very, very simple looking remote, as you take a look at it, and I really like that. You will find that it is very easy to use, a very easy to use remote control. Oh, one last thing, if you come around to this side – I want to show how the power cords and the power switches, which on every other chair are on the back – on the Infinity Iyashi it’s on the side, and that is something that’s a little unique.

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Alan: It has nothing to do with any of the functionality of the chair, it doesn’t change any functionality whatsoever, but I just thought I would show that to you as part of the introduction to the chair. So, this is the Infinity Iyashi massage chair, we’re very excited about it. We’re going to be spending some time on a bunch of other videos talking about various and sundry features of this chair, but this is a chair that’s going to become a very, very popular seller. Oh, I also forgot to mention, there are airbags on the sides of the thighs, and those airbags are used not just to compress the iliotibial bands, but also to shift your hips from side to side. We’ll show that feature again in a more specific video. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to ‘Like’ us on YouTube and share us on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. We appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs, and more specifically, the Infinity Iyashi. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.


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