Infinity Iyashi – Arm Airbags (video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Arm/Hand Airbags – Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to demonstrate the arm airbag massage of the new Infinity Iyashi massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. Now, most chairs nowadays come with airbags built – arm airbags – built in to the armrests of the chair. This was pioneered by Inada with their Sogno, and pretty much every chair nowadays comes out with an airbag integration in to the armrests. Well, most of those arms – most of those arm airbags – will inflate as two bladders, one above the arm and one below the arm, and it compresses equally down upon the arm. Well, what this chair does, which I like, is that it begins to inflate one end, then – one end, it inflates like on the forearm, then on the hand and wrist, and then on the fingers – and it kind of works sequentially from one end of to the other, of the arm, of the forearm.

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Alan: The reason I like that is because it creates like a wave-like motion, which enhances circulation. That’s basically what the airbags in the arms are all about, and in the legs are all about, is increasing circulation of the arms and legs. So, what I’m doing is I’m turning on the chair now, and we’re going to – as you can see, the chair is sliding forward as it always does when you begin a program, so it – with the sliding base, we talk about this in another video, but the sliding base moves the chair forward away from the way for about a foot. This way you can keep the wall and the chair very close to each other, and save space, but then it reclines once the sliding base has hit its max. So, now it reclines, and the massage program will begin. So, what you’re going to see – now hopefully it’s visible with my arm in here, but you want to come over here with the camera, and maybe come over to this side and take a picture over here where the light’s shining a little bit better – but can you see how it’s squeezing on my forearm right now, squeezing on my forearm, now it’s squeezing on my wrist and on my palm, and it’s got a little bit of pumping action back here. Now it’s inflating on my fingers and releasing on my palm, but doing it just a little bit on the palm, nothing on the forearm, all on the fingers and the palm.

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Alan: Then, it will alternate from left to right side, but now it’s doing it over here on the right side. It’ll do that, one side and then the other. Now, you’ll see again, now it’s inflating a little bit on the forearm. Now it’s compressing more on the wrist and palm, and now it’s inflating on the fingers on the front, and a little bit on the hand and wrist. Then, it’ll work backwards, back toward the forearm on the next set for the arm airbag massage. So, that is the way the airbags function on this chair. I think it’s a magnificent feature because it enhances movement of the blood and the lymph along the length of the extremity. It doesn’t just compress down like two airbags that are just pushing on it, it actually is designed to induce some sort of motion from distal to proximal, and proximal to distal on the extremities. So, that is the arm airbag mechanism for the new Infinity Iyashi from Infinite Therapeutics.

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Alan: Feel free to ‘Like’ this video on YouTube or Facebook, and share us on Twitter or Facebook, and on any other social media that you use to help us spread the word about this chair, and about massage chairs in general. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Thanks so much for visiting today. We’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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