Infinity IT-9800 – Your First Time (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “First Time Use – Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair”

[SCREEN TEXT: Your First Time]

IT-9800 massage chairAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to talk about the IT-9800 massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics, and we’re going to show you the best way to use this chair on your first time on it. It’s very, very simple, this is an easy one, it’s a one button deal, and it’ll take care of everything that you need for your first time in. What I’d recommend you do when you sit the first time in your new chair is sit on it, get the owner’s manual, and have it in your hand while you’re enjoying some massage on your first go-round. Anyway, what we do is we bring the remote out of the pocket on the side of the chair. You’ll notice here on the remote – and we’ll do a separate video on the remote just to go over in essence, you know, not maybe, not show every program, but show you how the remote is laid out – but we’re going to push this button, the ‘Relax’ button, that is it.

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Alan: So, we push ‘Relax,’ and then what will happen with the ‘Relax’ program is that in a moment it’ll begin to recline, the ottoman will start to massage, and this will get itself set in a particular position. What the ‘Relax’ program does, in the course of the ‘Relax’ program – and every time you push the button, by the way, you can change the length of the program from 38 to 30 to 15, and I’ll go down to 10, but you can change it down I think even to 5 minutes, up to 38 minutes – but what it’ll do is it’ll go through every feature that the chair has. So, right now it’s going in to a zero-gravity position, we got the calf rollers working. Eventually it’s going to go through everything that this chair does, which includes the swing of the calves, or of the legs, and we’ll show that in another video. It’ll also show the inversion feature of this chair, which is a recline past 180 degrees, and then it’ll do the stretching programs. It’ll run through everything, it’s not just one position.

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Alan: So, you can see now – oh, I thought it was reclining a little bit, but in a moment you’ll see the ottoman will rise, you’ll see the chair will recline again some more, and then the chair will come back up, and then the ottoman – OK, now the ottoman’s coming up, so it goes through all of the various features of the chair, and this is called the ‘Relax’ program. On your very first time in the IT-9800, I recommend pushing the ‘Relax’ button, and just letting the chair do the rest, and experience the comfort of this chair. It’s a very, very comfortable chair, very solid. I mean, when you feel the massage on this thing, you don’t feel like it’s loose and something’s going to fall apart, it’s a very, very nice, solid chair. That is the first time through suggestions – oh, see now the chair is reclining – for the IT-9800 from Infinite Therapeutics. Please ‘Like’ our video, please share it with others on Facebook and Twitter, we appreciate you spreading the word about massage chairs. Again – it looks like we’re going back through the inversion program, we’ll do another video on that altogether – but I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and it’s been nice visiting with you today. We’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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