Infinity IT-9800 – Inversion Feature (Video)


Transcript of Video Titled “Inversion – Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair”

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IT-9800 massage chairAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and I am sitting in the IT-9800 from Infinite Therapeutics. This is the Taiwanese-made chair, it’s a little different chair from the other typical Chinese massage chairs that you’ll find in the market. I love this chair, it’s got leather upholstery, it’s got – it doesn’t use any airbags at all – it uses rollers in the calves and in the back. It has inversion, and inversion is where the chair reclines past 180 degrees. I think, I believe this one goes to 184, so what it does is actually, the seat tilts up when you’re inverted, and the chair reclines past 180 degrees. You actually can feel the strain on – like I have a little bit of a low back pain right now, and when I put this thing back in to the inversion position – I can actually feel my back decompressing, and it feels wonderful.


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Alan: So, I’ll pull the remote out from the side of the chair, and I’m going to put my glasses on so I can read what I’m doing here, but if you push – on the remote control – if you push the ‘Stretch’ button four times that’ll take you to the fourth stretch program. I believe there’s six stretch programs, push it four, two – ‘E2,’ ‘E3,’ ‘E4’ on the display – it’ll take me back, and you’ll see now the chair reclining in to an inversion position. You’ll see the ottoman’s coming up, you’ll see the seat is kind of swinging up so it’s going in to a zero-gravity position. Now watch how far the chair back reclines, and this is taking me back in to an inversion position. When the – oh, when the legs come up above the heart, true zero-gravity position, with the seat tilted at 30 degrees and the chair back reclined past 180 degrees – I can actually feel in my low back the decompression of the back, and it feels magnificent. It actually feels like a reduction in pressure and the pain kind of subsides a little bit.


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Alan: It’s a very nice feel, and that’s what inversion is. This is the only chair that we carry that has a true inversion feature of reclining past 180 degrees. You’ll notice that when you lay on it, with the zero-gravity tilt and the ottoman up above the heart, you’ll feel that your body’s distracting a little bit. That’s a good thing, because all day long, your body is compressing with gravity, the discs and the joints are compressing. That’s why they say in the morning when you wake up you’re taller than you are later in the day after you’ve spent the entire day on your feet with gravity pulling you down. So, that is the inversion program – if you push ‘Stop,’ it’ll restore the chair back to its upright and default position, and the rollers will park, and you can get out of the chair – but that is the inversion program of the IT-9800 from the Infinity line of Infinite Therapeutics. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Please ‘Like’ us and share us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We appreciate you spreading the word about massage chairs to your friends and family. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from Massage-Chair-Relief, we’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.