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IT-9800 massage chairAlan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to introduce you to IT-9800 massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. This chair, in the line of the Infinity products is different from the others in a couple of ways. This one is a Taiwanese-made chair, not a Chinese-made chair, and you can sense the difference in the way the chair feels, the way it works, you can tell the difference in the look of the remote control. The remote control has – if you look at the IT-8200, which is next to it here – you see the remote there, that’s a little bit more typical for an Infinite Therapeutics chair. The remote control of the IT-9800 has a different, a different interface, different look, different shape, everything’s different about it. It has a little pocket on the side that you can put the remote to hide it, so it doesn’t stick up like a pedestal. Some people don’t care much for the pedestal remotes, and if you don’t like it, this one’s a great chair for you.

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Alan: Also, what’s a little bit different about this chair is it’s 100% leather. There’s not many chairs that have a full leather upholstery, I think the Inada Sogno has a leather option, the HT-9500 is leather, but I think other than that, those two other models, the 9800 is the only other chair that has it and the price point’s quite a bit lower. So, you’re getting a beautiful leather upholstery for a regular price of a Chinese chair, even though it’s not Chinese, but you know what I’m saying. Also, what’s different about this chair is it does not have foot massage. It has a calf massage, but no foot component. This chair does not have any airbags in it, so what massages the calves are rollers inside the calves. There’s also rollers that work the back and in the seat there’s a vibration, a vibration massage, there’s no airbags at all. The arms do not have any airbag massage at all or any vibration in them at all. You’ve got two head pillows, they do not have airbags in the neck pillow, but you can lift these up and out of the way, and you can see the linen material here that separates your spine from the rollers so you can get a very intense massage.

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Alan: The massage on this 9800 is a very firm massage, very nice massage, you’ll really, really enjoy it. Another thing I like about it is when you sit in the chair the armrests, you know, nowadays a lot of the chairs have these Inada Sogno look-alike bodies. This one is more of a standard chair, the armrests are low. On the other Inada look-alike chairs, the armrests are usually pretty high and it’s not a terribly comfortable chair to sit in if you just want to use it as a regular chair. This one, however, has lower armrests on either side of the body, which makes for a little bit more comfortable sit. Also, if you’re a hefty body frame – you know, 300 to 350 pounds, we have a lot of customers that have that kind of a weight to deal with in deciding which chair to get – this chair makes it easier to fit in from the waist and hip area. There’s a good distance between armrests, but also the – one of the greatest problems that people of a higher weight struggle with is the confinement that they sense when they’re sitting in a chair that has shoulder airbags, armrests that are up high, hip airbags – they have trouble fitting in them.

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Alan: This is a chair that will allow you to kind of, just kind of relax and not feel so terribly restricted, very nice feature about this chair as well. Another feature about this chair, and we’ll show this on separate video, is that it has inversion. This is the only chair that reclines past 180 degrees, 180 degrees is horizontal, this one, I believe, reclines to 184 degrees so you’re actually past horizontal. So, your body’s upside down a smidge and if you know anything about spinal decompression – the idea of spinal decompression is to distract the spine and lower the body – and maybe you’ve seen those decompression chairs you can sit in and turn yourself upside down, those inversion tables or inversion chairs, that will open up the joints in the back and for many, many people provide quite a bit of relief. So, the inversion therapy’s kind of cool.

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Alan: It also has a zero-gravity feature, so the seat will tilt up at a thirty degree angle and that, combined with the inversion, are wonderful for low back pain, whether it’s acute or chronic low back pain. So, this is the IT-9800 from Infinite Therapeutics, another in the Infinity line of chairs from Infinite Therapeutics. If you liked this video, if you found it helpful, please feel to ‘Like’ this video on YouTube or share us on Facebook or on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook, we appreciate that, and we do appreciate you visiting with us today. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thank you for visiting today. Bye bye.


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