Indian Study Finds Administrative Employees at High Risk of Contracting Tech Neck


A recent study conducted by the All-India Institutes of Medical Sciences found that 80 percent of its administrative employees were suffering from work-related neck pain. The cause of the neck likely won’t be surprising to any U.S. office workers. The afflicted AIIMS administration reported that their jobs required them to sit in the same seated position for 42 hours a week, which constitutes 80 percent of their work week. Those surveyed also admitted that their neck pain is chronic and affects them frequently across the course of a year. Consequently, neck pain is the most common reason given for employee absenteeism within that organization.

In the U.S, neck pain related to spending hours at a time staring at a screen, be it a computer terminal or a smartphone, is commonly known as tech neck and it’s an ailment that is quickly reaching epidemic proportions. However, despite its ubiquity, technic is easy to treat. In order to prevent against the muscle pain and soreness is prominent symptoms of tech neck, sufferers need only stretch out their necks and backs hourly and also engage in activities that relax the muscles and fascia. In effect, taking in a massage session as short as 15 minutes a few times a week can help stop the development of debilitating and chronic neck pain.

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