Incredible New Standard Warranty From Inada Massage Chairs!

News is out from Inada that their standard massage chair factory warranty has been changed from the typical 1/3/5 year warranty (1 year comprehensive, 3 years parts, 5 years chasis/structure) to a 3 year comprehensive, head-to-toe, in home warranty on all their current models.

No other massage chair company has ever offered something this comprehensive for their models. You can still get the extended 5 year warranty if you still feel insecure with 3 years comprehensive warranty. I figure you probably don’t need the 5 year warranty with this kind of factory coverage. Most problems, if there are any at all, are usually evident early on.

Now, the comprehensive warranty includes full parts and labor in your home or business. You won’t really have to lift a finger. Many issues can actually be figured out or explained over the phone, but, in the rare case that you need additional help with any problem, you will have a technician come to your home to fix it. And, in the extreme case where the chair needs to be replaced, you don’t have to pack anything or send anything anywhere. Inada will ship a new chair for you, set it up, and then pack up your original chair and ship it back to the warehouse for you. You just watch and then sit.

This is really quite a remarkable offer now from Inada massage chairs. I am very impressed with it. I suspect that this will affect how the other manufacturers will deal with the warranty offers. This is the new gold standard.

Dr. Alan Weidner