Inada Sogno Dreamwave Stretch Video and Transcripts

Transcript of Video Titled “Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair – Stretch Program”

[SCREEN TEXT: Chair-Stretch Program]

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to show you the ‘Stretch’ program of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, and I’m going to go ahead and push the program and get it set up immediately while I, right away, so while I’m talking to you, explaining the ‘Stretch’ program, it will give it some time to get set up . But what the ‘Stretch’ basically does with a massage chair, it’s not a stretch like a hamstring stretch or a quad stretch, like you would think in your mind when you think of stretching, what a massage chair does when it stretches you, is it has a tendency to have the ottoman go up and down, the chair back go up and down, and then the rollers working at the same time. And in some chairs, you’ll even have the seat elevated a bit, or like in the Sogno, the seat will be moved a bit, while you’re being stretched. So, right now the chair is doing a scan, which all the nicer chairs do before any program begins.

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Alan: It will scan your body to make sure that the rollers, and the intensity is matched to the body type that you have. And what will happen – and by the way, when you’re on the Sogno, and you’re waiting for the body scan to stop, the chair will, you cannot adjust any of the settings on the chair, you have to let that be done, and we’re just about done with it – and in a moment you’ll start to see the ‘Stretch’ program work. Now, so what will happen is the chair will start to change positions a lot. In most programs, the chair doesn’t change much position, it just stays in one position, and it’ll move up and down your spine, and it’ll do what it’s supposed to do, which is airbag compress your arms and legs, your hands, your feet, and then roll up and down your back. Well, on the ‘Stretch’, you’re going to see a little bit more activity on the actual chair frame, you’re going to see the chair back move up and down and the ottoman move up and down. So, now the ‘Stretch’ is beginning, what I’m feeling right now are the rollers going up and down my back and, of course, you can’t see that because I’m sitting here, but in a moment you should be able to see the chair back and the ottoman start to adjust.

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Alan: And it’s a very, very comfortable program, most people love the ‘Stretch’ program, because of the way it milks the spine, and so – OK, now you can see the ottoman’s going down – and what’s happened before the ottoman went down is, the airbags in the feet inflated to grab my feet, so it pulls my body, and kind of stretches my body, while the chair back went back. Now, you can see the ottoman is coming up, and the chair back is coming up. And now, the ottoman is squeezing again on my feet, and the ottoman is going down, and the chair back’s going back, you see, and it’s kind of stretching my back. And there are rollers protruding in my back, to push my back more forward, and my spine more forward, to induce more of a stretch on the low back. And now it’s back up again, the rollers are moving down, to another position, and then you’ll notice – OK, it’s down to my hips and my buttock area – and now the airbags are inflating again, and it will lower the ottoman, lower the chair back, and now the rollers will move a little bit, and you can feel that stretch again.

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Alan: And so, when you’re going back, the rollers will move up your spine and then down your spine, and that will induce that stretching motion. It’s a wonderful program, it’s very soothing, very relaxing. Now, you can see here, the seat move to the right, and now my back is, the airbags are being inflated on the waist, on the right-hand side, so it’s twisting my spine to the left. Now, it’s deflating, and now the seat moved to the left, and now the airbags on the waist are moving my waist up, on the left-hand side, so I’m turning to the right. Now it’s coming back, so it’s kind of stretching my spine, in a rotation motion, from side to side. See, it’s coming back up again, see how my hip’s coming up on the right-hand side, and then it will relax. This is the closest thing you can see to what a chiropractor would do to try to induce a rotation motion on your low back, you know, the low back twisting and popping.

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Alan: Of course, I’m a chiropractor, so that’s the way I see it. But you’ll see how it’s rotating my spine, now it’s coming again on the left-hand side, very relaxing program, very soothing, not a lot of roller action, it’s more positional, it’s more of a positional type of program, as opposed to straight rolling and straight airbags. Now, it’s pushing me up on my right-hand side again, twisting my spine, and then the seat now is moving to the right, you see that, and then the left side will go. So, at first we saw the seat move to the right, the airbags inflate on the right, then the seat moved to the left, airbags inflate on the left. Now, the seat is moving to the left, airbags inflating on the right, seat moves to the right, airbag inflates on the left. And I might also mention that there’s nothing going on with my arms and hands, there’s nothing going on with my head and neck, with those airbags. And other than when the ottoman goes up and down, to traction the spine, and it inflates on my feet, now it’s not inflating at all. So, all of it, all the action right now is in the low back, on my waist, and in my hips.

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Alan: But that gives you a good idea of how the ‘Stretch’ program works. It’s a very soothing program, you’ll love it, on pretty much any chair. The ‘Stretch’ program is a fan favorite for almost any chair that carries a ‘Stretch’ program, and on the Sogno particularly, it’s a very subtle, refined, discriminating massage, you will love it. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’, you can visit us at the website, or you can call me at 888-259-5380 or at our showroom at 801-417-8240. Thanks for visiting today.


Here is a direct link to the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair tutorial.

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