Inada Sogno Creme Colored Massage Chairs Out of Stock!

Inada Sogno massage chair (red)

I just received an email from Inada stating that the creme color of the Inada Sogno massage chair is out of stock, due to huge demand for this chair. They will be getting a new shipment in February 9, 2010 but even then the inventory of this


color will be slim until March. Chocolate and Slate colors are in stock for sure. I’d like to also let you know that we can now offer the bright red color Inada Sogno model, which was featured on “30 Rock” television show. Tracy Morgan uses it in his office. It is a very contemporary and sharp color but not for the conservative decorator that’s for sure! We will have that color on the website product page later this week, but you can order it right away by calling us at 888-259-5380. I’ve put in a pic of the chair in this blog post for your perusal. It looks kinda like the chocolate color in this picture. Trust me that it is quite a bit brighter red color.

Just a reminder, also, that the Inada Sogno massage chair will be going up in price on February 15, 2010 to $6799. Get it now if y0u are thinking of getting it at all!

Dr. Alan Weidner