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Inada Flex 3s

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Alan: Well, hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to introduce you to the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair. Inada USA just started importing this chair this year, and just a couple of weeks ago, here in the month of June, they have rolled out the chair completely to the US market, here in 2014. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to introduce you to this chair today, so you can get a feel for what it’s about. Of course, the flagship chair for the Inada company here in the United States, is the Sogno, which has become somewhat of an iconic chair in the industry, and it’s become the most copycatted chair in our industry right now, as far as the design goes. Well, as you can see, we have the Sogno and the Flex 3S right next to each other. This is the Sogno, over on the right, and on the left, we have the Flex 3S. You can see – if you can just maybe walk around a little bit on the side – you can see the design on the side, it has the same kidney-shaped armrests, with the airbags incorporated in to the armrests. It has a foot-and-calf massage, similar to this one. It has the same kind of, just overall curve and appearance, of the Inada Sogno, but today we’re going to focus on this one. So, we’ve got a neck pillow, we’ve got an extra pad for the neck, we’ve got rollers that come up to the neck, this chair is ideal for people from 5 feet up to 6′ 2″.

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Alan: You’ll notice here also, it’s got airbags on the shoulders. These are airbags that are designed to pin the shoulders back to work on the posture, and this chair is really a great chair for posture and stretching programs, and we’ll go over that in other videos. These airbags in the shoulders are designed to pin the shoulders back to accentuate the posture, and of course, these will play a role in the stretching programs as well. This is an idea that was actually first pioneered by Inada with their Doctor’s Choice 3A chair, and they’ve incorporated the shoulder airbags in to this. You’ll also notice, on the remote control, this remote control is different from that of the Sogno. As a matter of fact, let me get the Sogno remote up as well, you can see the difference in two remote controls, this is the Sogno, this is the Flex 3S. The Doctor’s Choice 3A chair, which is that discontinued chair that pioneered the shoulder airbags, also had a remote control very, very similar to this, so they’ve incorporated those features of the Doctor’s Choice chair in to this Flex 3S chair. This also has arm-and-hand airbags built in to the sides of the armrests. These airbags, or the material that’s covering the airbags is – and covering the whole chair, for that matter is – a soft synthetic leather, there’s no linen here, and there’s also no linen in the feet, so that’s just one less thing to worry about having to clean.

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Alan: Wiping down the synthetic leather is very easy, very easy to clean, with warm, mild detergent water, you can wipe this thing down. With the linen, you could do the same thing, but it was a little harder to get the linen clean, because you’d get maybe stuff like, dandruff, or skin flakes, or whatever, caught in to the material. Now that you’ve got the synthetic leather throughout, it’s going to very, very easy to wipe down and clean. It’s got airbags on the sides here, another feature that was kind of taken from the Doctor’s Choice chair, and also from the Inada YuMe chair, they have airbags on the side, it inflates one side, then the other, to induce a rotation of the hips. It’s got a good roller track that goes down low in to the low back. It is not a zero-gravity chair, so the chair will stay horizontal as it does with the Sogno, foot-and-calf airbags as well, you’ve got a little pouch here, for the remote control, on the side. You’ll see also, the power cord goes in, not in the back, but the power cord connects to the chair right in the front of the frame, on the side. That is, in a nutshell, the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair, a very nice chair. I sat in it when I was in Denver, or in Boulder, Colorado, visiting Inada USA for their grand reopening, or grand opening of their new headquarters. I was very impressed with it, we just received this chair, and we’re going through it with you today, for the first time as well, and you’re, I think you’re going to love this chair. It looks like the Sogno, but it’s a different feel from the Sogno, very different, a more aggressive massage, more emphasis on stretching programs and on posture correction, which is something that most of us can benefit from, and a very nice, firm roller, which also, I might add, the roller massage is a 3D roller, so you’ve got that.

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Alan: Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention, in the palms of the hands and in the soles of the feet, there are heaters, and those heaters are designed to mimic the therapeutic benefit of hot-stone massage, giving you a more targeted – or not hot-stone massage, hot stone, well, massage therapy – but it’s the heat feature that’s very, very specific, and very targeted, and they’ve brought that in to the feet and on to the hands. There’s not a heating mechanism for the low back or the seat, just for the hands and the feet. Anyway, that is it for the introduction to the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair, I hope you enjoyed this. If you found it helpful, please feel free to share it, this video, or us, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, whatever, we just appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs as we introduce them to you. My name is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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