Inada D5 Robo Massage Chair Now In Our Showroom!

Inada D5 RoboChair

Oh, man, this is a cool massage chair! We got the D5 Robo massage chair from Inada  on Thursday and it is quite a chair. Just off the top, I’ll tell you about a few of the features that seemed really cool to me:
1. It has a voice response microphone that will take your voice commands to do what you want the massage chair to do. If you look at the picture on our site, you can see the microphone come around the right side of the chair at about head level. You speak into the mic and the chair does what you tell it to do. Very cool!

2. It also has arm  massagers that attach to the arm rests that can be moved (slid) along the arm rest to massage different parts of your arms. They look a little gaudy on the photo and they actually look the same in real life, but they are great massagers. They can also be removed so that the chair doesn’t have to look like something too terribly bulky.

3.  It is a very sharp looking chair. Very handsome and nice looking.  We got the black one.

4. This is a heavy massage chair! It is one of the heaviest if not the heaviest chair we carry.  Cliff at Inada tells me that the ottoman can easily be removed to make lifing easier. It also has wheels on the back of the legs to make for easier moving around your house or business. It is a very sturdy massage chair.

5. 3-D massage rollers. The back massage is very good and strong.  The 3-D massage pushes your body forward and back whilst rolling up and down. It is quite a unique massage experience. It is also available on the Sogno massage chair but not quite as pronounced.

Dr. Alan Weidner