Improving Sex Lives For Women With Back Pain

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Have you or your wife ever complained about having sex due to back pains? This article devours the subject of improving the sex lives of women with back problems which can definitely help you (or your wife). New studies from the University of Waterloo are giving women with bad backs hope for better sex lives with their findings on how the spine moves during sex.

It outlines which sex positions are best for women suffering from different types of low back pain. In previous studies, the “spooning” position was said to be best, however recent studies on the spine motion and muscle activity find that spooning can actually be a worst option for certain types of back pain.

The interesting research used a motion capture system to track how 10 couples’ spines moved when attempting five common sex positions. The images were then used to create an atlas, which recommends sex positions based on what movements trigger a patient’s pain.

It may sound like an awkward subject, but it’s actually common for couples to seek advice on managing back pain during sex, and this study may help a lot of them.

Read the full story here :: Improving The Sex Lives of Women With Back Problems


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