Illegal Patient Profiles: Debilitating Back Pain

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While in most states, Cannabis is still illegal, it has been known for years to aleviate pain in patients with chronic, debilitating pain. If just a few states legalize cannabis, then those that are able to move, will leave their home state to occupy the new state to legally obtain the cannabis, possibly depleting the state they left of monies and/or manpower to make the state viable and not bankrupt. Since most are not financially able to move, they must live their life in secret in order to be pain free and not be arrested.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mother always has a special bond with her children
  • Some mothers are lucky enough to find cannabis
  • Shouldn’t mothers be judged on the job they do raising their kids and not on how they chose to medicate

“A mother always has a special bond with her children; an instinct to care for and nurture them. There are exceptions to this to be sure, but for the most part mothers want to help their children and make sure they are safe and cared for and grow up to be worthwhile human beings.”