Human Touch Wins More ADEX Awards!

Adex award

Each year the Design Journal conducts its annual Awards for Design Excellence competition, which recognizes superior  product designs of home furnishings internationally. Human Touch has won these awards before and this year they won 6 of the prestigious awards.

In the  massage chair industry, Human Touch is known for creating massage chairs that aesthetically look like regular chairs and recliners but have integrated massage function into the design. Most other massage chairs look exactly like…massage chairs. With the superior aesthetic design comes a  limitation in massage function in some instances (most notably the lack of airbag functionality), but the overall look is fabulous and makes it possible to integrate your Human Touch chair into almost any decorum. As long as I have been in this business it has always been so. 

Human Touch designs and innovates their own models out of their Long Beach, California headquarters. The production is done in China, but all the design and engineering is done domestically. You can learn more about this from my YouTube videos chronicling my visit to Human Touch’s main facility a couple of years ago. Good stuff going on over there!

zerog 4.0 deployedThe chairs from Human Touch that won the award this year include the PC-510, the PCX-720, and the PC-300 models from their zero-gravity Perfect Chair line. These are ergonomically designed chairs without any massage function. As far as their massage chairs go, Human Touch received awards for their popular ZeroG 4.0 from their Immersion Seating line (one of my favorites, by the way!), the new iJoy Reveal, and the AcuTouch 6.0 (which is sold exclusively through Costco stores).

Way to go Human Touch! By the way, I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but Human Touch is currently celebrating their 35th anniversary. The first massage chair I ever owned was an old HT-125, back in 2002, that my patients sat on in my chiropractic clinic while waiting for their treatment. It turned out that the chair became part of the treatment! That old HT-125, and the Human Touch line-up of chairs, is what started this whole Massage Chair Relief business. I am grateful to Human Touch for helping me get into this wonderful industry that I love so much.

Dr. Alan Weidner