Human Touch Wins Lawsuit Against King Kong Chairs and PHP Chairs

A patient of ours dropped by yesterday with a clipping from a magazine stating that Human Touch massage chairs had won a court decision against King Kong massage chairs (the ones you see at Costco) and Premier Health Products massage chairs (PHP massage chairs) for a lawsuit filed by Human Touch.

I gave my people at Human Touch a call to find out what the issue was about.  Apparently, Human Touch has many patents and trademarks regarding their massage chairs, at least one of which deals with their calf massage. Well, it seems that King Kong chairs and PHP chairs have copied the Human Touch technology and used them in their chairs. This infringes the patent…according to the U.S. District Court of central California.

The lawsuit specifically addresses the PHP 2024, 2026w, and 2027 models as well as the King Kong Caesar and semi-parallel Legacy Deluxe massage chair models.

So, what does this mean? Well, for one, it means that Human Touch is truly a pioneer of the new generation of massage chairs. Secondly, it means that if you want the “real thing” in calf and foot massagers, it is best to get a Human Touch chair and not a copycat.

As you all know, we carry many of the Human Touch lines of massage chairs. I have had HT models in my clinic for years and they were actually the first line of chairs we carried on our website.

Here is a link to the press release that deals with this case:

Have a great day!

Dr. Alan Weidner