Human Touch Massage Chairs Win Award!

Human Touch massage chair award

For the third straight year, Human Touch has won an ADEX design award! Actually, they won 3 ADEX awards…the Platinum award for the HT-9500, the Gold award for the HT-7120, and the Silver award for their new PC-086 zero gravity recliner chair (we just began carrying the Perfect Chair PC-086 and will have it on our website within a few short days). Way to go Human Touch! ADEX, by the way, stands for the “Awards for Design Excellence” competition put on my the Design Journal.

“The ADEX Awards are given annually to companies that exhibit an unwavering commitment to design and innovation,” said John Platter, Director of Awards for Design Excellence. “Human Touch® continuously impresses our awards committee with its product innovation and design excellence. This year, we were extremely excited about Human Touch’s award-winning products, and in particular, by the company’s ability to morph today’s latest technologies, such as the popular i-Devices, with its new AcuTouch® 9500 massage chair, to offer consumers the highest level of comfort, wellness and convenience.”

Of course, we carry all these models and would love to answer any questions you might have about these models. To read more about these awards, click here:

Dr. Alan Weidner