Human Touch HT-9500 Massage Chair Price Going Up Nov. 1!

HT-9500 massage chair

HT-9500 Massage Chair Price Going Up!

We received notification this last week that Human Touch will be increasing the price of their popular HT-9500 massage chair to $5499


from the current price of $4999.

The HT-9500 is the newly revamped version of the old HT-1650, which we found to be an extremely popular seller, on account of two things: 1.) great foot and calf massage, and 2.) the look and feel of a regular recliner. The new HT-9500 made some changes by adding an off-the-ground elevation feature of the ottoman to accommodate shorter body types and adding an iPhone app to run the chair from your iPhone.

The HT-9500 pricing of $5499 seems a little high for a chinese-made chair, but it is a great chair and we expect sales to continue without any ill-effect from the up-and-coming price increase.

Dr. Alan Weidner