5 Steps to reducing stress in retirement

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Retirement should’t be stressing, it should be a period of time where the individual goes through a phase of relaxation. Investors should try to help the most and realize that this person has worked hard all their lifetime, and now the only thing they wish it to live happy with their loved one. They will obviously not be rich, but the retired individual should be able to live a fair lifestyle according to his/her work throughout its lifetime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Picture your ideal life in retirement. Talk about it. Ask questions. “What do we want our lives to be about? What do we want to experience? Whose lives do we want to impact?”
  • Putting your retirement plan through a rigorous stress test reveals critical information about your financial health. The test analyzes what you’ve done to prepare and what obstacles may prevent you from living your ideal life.
  • When it comes to the “Build Phase” in your retirement planning, ask yourself, “Am I going to do nothing, or am I going to do something?”

“Picture your ideal life in retirement. Talk about it. Ask questions.”