HT-7120 Intro Video + Transcripts

Although I have posted the HT-7120 introduction video before, I’ve yet to post the transcripts to this video. I am including both the video and the transcripts here today.

Transcript of Video Titled “HT-7120 Massage Chair – Introduction”

[SCREEN TEXT: Introduction]

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘, and today we are going to introduce you to the Human Touch HT-7120 massage chair. The 7120 is an upgrade from the old HT-125, 135, 136 series, in that, it has adjusting roller intensity, adjusting airbag intensity in the calves, and it has heat. The look of it is changed a little bit as well, it’s a little bit nicer look, more executive look, it’s a faux leather, or what they call synthetic leather upholstery, feels and looks like leather, but it’s an imitation leather. It has a cloth cover here for the neck massage, you have a pillow covering over it. And you can use Velcro straps to raise or lower the pillow.

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Alan: But, you can also lift the pillow up over the back of the chair, and let the rollers come directly on to your neck with just the linen cloth separating the roller from your skin, or from your neck. It also has rollers that go all the way down to the, down to about the belt line on the low back. It has an ottoman that has only a calf massage, does not have a foot massage, but the ottoman does have a rotating feature, where you can rotate the ottoman around, so it makes it look like more of a regular, normal chair, a regular recliner, a business, office chair. It has heat in the low back, it has a swivel, a 60-degree swivel, which is a unique feature to this chair. What it does not have, then, are wheels on the base of the chair to help you move it. So, if you want to move this thing, you’ve got to lift it, with someone else on either side, using the armrests to lift. But the swivel’s kind of nifty, it kind of adds a nice feature that we don’t see on a lot of chairs. The ottoman only raises with a lever on the right-hand side, or when you use the ‘Stretch’ program. And we’ll go in to those in more detail, those things in more detail, when we talk about the chair with regards to individual features.

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Alan: You’ll notice that the remote is a, not a pedestal remote, and it can be hidden here in this little pocket on the side. And I think that’s about it as far as the intro goes to this one, it’s a reasonably priced chair, it’s a Chinese-made chair, it’s one of the most popular chairs that Human Touch sells because of the price-point, which at the time of this video is $2899. It comes with a 1 year, full, in-home, parts-and-labor, head-to-toe warranty, and has a second year-parts, and a third year-structure warranty. Very good chair, good bang for the buck, there’s no arm massage, there’s no seat or buttock massage. It’s principally focused on the back, with the rollers, and the airbags in the calves. And that is your HT-7120, oh, and it comes in the ‘Expresso’ color that you see here, and it comes in a ‘Black’ color as well. I’m Dr. Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief’. Thanks for visiting today.

Dr. Alan Weidner


Here is a link to this HT-7120 tutorial.