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Yoga is more than just a great exercise to boost physical health—it also is known to improve mental health as well. Yoga is strongly linked to overall reductions in stress levels and is said to help treat and prevent anxiety, depression, and other psychological ailments. Recent scientific research has supported popular claims that yoga and similar mind-body disciplines lead to lower stress levels as well as reduced inflammation in the body. The full extent of this connection between yoga and less stress and inflammation is still to be understood, but so far all scientific evidence suggests that, for a healthier mind, yoga could be people’s best bet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Findings published in the periodical, Frontiers in Immunology, are bolstering the long-held belief that mind-body exercises, like tai chi and yoga, can tackle stress at the molecular level.
  • Humans have a stress reaction that can cause their body to produce a protein that creates inflammation on a cellular level.
  • While the inflammation is actually useful in the short term, long periods of anxiety can cause it to remain, eventually leading to mental and physical diseases.

“Has anyone been bitten by the yoga bug yet? Whether they’ve just decided to try it out at home with a few YouTube routines or they’ve a veteran of advanced classes (we hear cat yoga and anti-gravity yoga are amazing), yoga has become an exercise staple for millions of Americans.”

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