How Watching Violent News Can Cause Traumatic Stress

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You should know by now that watching violent news events tends to stress you out. Well now research is showing that social media users risk suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder from viewing violent and graphic news events. In fact, one in five people who view violent news events have lasting effects.

Psychologists warn that one in four people who have seen graphic images have suffered effects, which can include flashbacks, anxiety, stress, insomnia and nightmares. The study also found that vicarious PTSD is no longer just limited to emergency workers and health professionals, but to any person of the public with access to violent images, videos, or news via the internet or TV.

Among those people are social media users who may be somewhat forced to view violent news in their newsfeed as they scroll through friends’ posts. Seeing violent news events like school shootings, suicide bombings, torture, and so on can cause lasting effects and subconscious stress without you even realizing it.

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