How to stretch at work

Young businessman with his arms stretched upwards looking at laptop display

More than ever, the understanding of what sitting at your desk all day does to the body is coming in to the mainstream. It has been called a more dangerous killer than smoking. Yet, we have to do it every single day, don’t we?

Working at our desk or cubicle is essentially the job we are called to do on a regular basis, and when all is said and done, our tendency is to go home and sit on the couch some more.

So all of this sitting is in fact getting us no where, and it is making for quite an unhealthy experience. What can you do about it?

Well, for one thing you don’t have to sit at that desk all day long. You can get up, take a short 5 minute break and stretch. Such stretching will get the heart rate flowing and blood pumping for better health. And it won’t take very long at all. So take a look at today’s video and let’s see what we can do to keep you healthy and going each and every single day.


Watch: 7 office stretching exercises

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