How to Sleep With Chronic Pain

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If you already have chronic pain, especially in your neck or back, the way that you sleep could make it worse. Likewise, the chronic pain could impair your regular sleep routine, which is why you should learn ways to attempt having a more restful night. In this article, you’ll learn tips from the National Sleep Foundation on how to change your daily routine to provide for a more restful night of sleep.

The first suggestion is avoiding or restricting caffeine, even if you feel like you need it during the day. Next is limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, particularly in the evening. Alcohol is known to cause disrupted sleep cycles, which can attribute to additional stress on already existing chronic pain.

You should also only use painkillers or sleeping pills under the supervision of a physician. If you start taking over the counter meds because they help your pain or help you to sleep, you could very easily develop a dependency on them which will only worsen your pain or your problems falling asleep.

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