How to Relieve Holiday Stress Ages

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If you are still struggling to recover from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this Shape article might be of interest. It outlines how massaging different parts of the body can release tension that builds up during arduous holiday commutes and stressful pre-winter break work assignments. For instance, one of the reasons we get headaches while stressed is because the muscles and fascia in our heads becomes tense and tight. By gently rubbing your temples in the way the article instructs, you can ease away all of that tension and the pain that comes with it.

Another great way to lower your stress level is to perform a bit of neck self-massage. The act of applying small amounts of pressure all around your neck will increase blood circulation to that area. That will have the effect of relaxing neck muscles that became strained and inflamed as they were held in the same position for hours during the holiday commute. With circulation restored and muscle inflammation subsided, the irritating stiffness that makes it difficult to sleep at night and concentrate on work will be gone. Finding lasting relief from that low-level irritation will lower your blood pressure, improve your mood and improve your overall quality of life.

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