How to Properly Prepare for Winter Sports Season

Portrait of posh guy in formalwear sitting and stretching himself


With winter now in full effect, winter sports enthusiasts across the country are gearing up to hit the slopes. Although skiing or snowboarding down a mountain or hill is an incredibly thrilling and fun way to stay in shape, it’s also incredibly demanding physically. And because a significant portion of the 10 million Americans who engage in one or sports annually don’t take steps to prepare their bodies for the stress they’ll be under on the slopes, they often end up with sore and strained muscles and tendons. In some cases, levers of winter sports will leave the mountain with pulled muscles that will require weeks, even months of physical rehabilitation.

In order to properly prepare themselves for the rigors of winter sports, it’s generally recommended that practitioners perform aerobic and resistance exercises before they hit the slopes. And as this Massage Magazine feature covers in detail, it’s not a bad idea for skiers and snowboarders to take in a massage session before and after their journey to the mountain. Massages are highly effective at loosening up muscles and fascia that of grown tense after vigorous workouts and TV binge watching. With regular massage sessions, winter sports fans can engage in activities they love with enhanced flexibility and the can get back to their everyday lives without painful stiff and sore muscles.

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