How to prevent neck pain when road riding

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Cycling is both fun and also stellar exercise. But people can actually overextend the neck and create stiffness in the tendons when riding for long periods. People will want to raise the handlebars to prevent this. Make sure the angle of elbow to hand is correct, with a slight bend to ease pressure on neck muscles. It’s common on some bikes to ride with the head tilted backwards which fatigues the trapezius muscle forcing it to be sole support for the head. Take the time to adjust the handlebar properly for a pain free ride.

Key Takeaways:

  • The neck is the spine, and the muscles surrounding it, that support and direct the head.
  • When riding a bike, the neck is often extended and tilted in abnormal ways that can cause physical stress.
  • To avoid neck pain while riding, make sure people change hand and body positions regularly to ease the stress.

“Over time, cyclists can develop stiffness and pain in the upper trapezius and neck muscles.”

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