How to Nurse a Baby Without Back and Neck Pain

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Breastfeeding demands certain techniques and practice, and can be difficult to learn during the initial stages of getting to know one’s baby. Some new mothers experience muscular pain in the back and neck due to bad posture as they adjust to holding and positioning both themselves and their infant during breastfeeding. To minimize discomfort, sit with back support to ease lower back, and make sure the shoulders are back to avoid stress on the arms and upper back. Don’t hunch, and make sure one is not dropping the head awkwardly during breastfeeding to avoid neck pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure one is sitting in a good, supportive position that protects one’s back while breastfeeding.
  • Keep one’s shoulders squared and back to avoid pain developing in one’s neck and upper back.
  • Avoid slouching or contorting when bringing the baby into nursing position, as this can lead to pain over time due to bad posture.

“mothers still endure neck and back pain that arises from nursing in hunched and awkward positions”

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