How to Help Your Kids Fight Homework Stress

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This Boston Globe article points out that young children who struggle to complete their daily homework assignments may be in danger of more than just getting below average grades. As students advance through their primary education, they are saddled with homework assignments that are both increasingly time-consuming and complex. As such, parents who put in long hours at work sometimes struggle to guide their children through assignments that require a high level of engagement. Over time, the frustration youngsters feel caused by their homework can lead to them becoming increasingly stressed out, which unchecked can lead to the development of serious anxiety disorders.

Luckily there are number of techniques parents can employ to alleviate their kid’s homework related stress. One useful method is to make sure kids get to homework relatively soon after leaving school. While kids may feel the need to decompress by playing a videogame after school, getting to homework when the day’s lessons are still fresh in their minds will help them get through their assignments easier. Additionally, if your child seems to be encountering significant difficulty with one subject, consider hiring a tutor. Also, make sure your kids aren’t eating too many unhealthy snacks and aren’t spending too much time hunched over a laptop, tablet or smart phone screen.

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