How to Calm Down: 8 Effective Ways to Beat Stress – NDTV

Stress can make any situation seem like a nightmare. It can prevent you from completing tasks, and can make you feel as if you are losing your mind. While we all feel stress to some extent, if you feel that stress is taking over, it is time for you to fight back, and take your life back. People do it every single day, and you can be the next. Start your quest to kick stress in the butt with these eight tips.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone has their share of stress at some point in their life.
  • The best way to reduce stress is to relax and calm yourself down, stop the activities that are causing the stress, and do something different.
  • Stress can be bad for your health in multiple ways.

“When we take stress, it not just affects our state of mind but slowly impacts our memory and concentration, sleeping patters, breathing, metabolism,blood pressure
and the release of hormones, which are crucial to carry out various functions of the body.”

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