How to Beat Stress on the Weekends

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For earlier generations, stress was an unpleasant fact of life. It was the commute home that was always made unnecessarily long by freeway gridlock. Nobody liked being stressed, but it was generally understood there was no way around it. Today, we understand stress to be something else. It’s a chronic condition that if left untreated can quite literally take years off your life. Stress cannot only make you gain excess weight and then seriously disrupt your sleep cycle, it can also greatly increase your risk factor for contracting serious illnesses like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Because stress can have such a negative impact on our health, it’s hugely important that we find time in our daily lives to relax. Since the rise of the Internet has meant that the work day doesn’t stop when you clock out, the best time to relax is during the weekend. This Good Relaxation article offers 8 different strategies you can use to make your time off more restful and reinvigorating. One excellent tip it suggests is to make your weekends Internet free. Checking your email or your social media feeds will only remind you of all the responsibilities you have. If you really want to give your friends and coworkers the attention they deserve, you need to take time out to preserve your own mental and physical health.

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