How To Beat Holiday Business Stress

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As if work isn’t already stressful enough, the holidays come just in time to layer on an extra load. In addition to overwhelming end-of-year budgets and deadlines, you also have to worry about family obligations, which may leave you wondering if you’re playing a game of “Dysfunctional Family Bingo”.


Instead of ripping out your hair, prepare yourself for holiday stress in order to maintain business success. Train yourself to check in with your body several times a day to make sure you’re not going into stress overload, you can even set a reminder on your phone if you need to. Take a deep breath and notice where you might be holding tension.


Creating a realistic to-do list with your main goals can also help, just make sure it doesn’t require an extra long piece of paper. Creating a power hour in the morning can also increase productivity and thus help eliminate stress. Block off one hour to work on your projects without any interruptions like your phone and social media, and work on each project in increments of 20 minutes.


Don’t forget to rest and play as well. Getting enough sleep and taking the time to do something creative are both crucial in eliminating stress and increasing business success.


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